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Magdalene Fellow wins Nobel Prize


Bucksmore has strong ties to Magdalene College in Cambridge – it’s one of our 2 new centres for 2013 and it’s also Matt’s old college. So therefore we are delighted to report that the ex-Master and Honorary Fellow* of Magdalene, Sir John Gurdon has recently won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. We are an English Language schools so we won’t even begin to try to explain what exactly the Prize is for. We are told that it is for ‘nuclear programming’ which is ‘a process that instructs adult cells to form early stem cells which can then be used to form any tissue type.’ Nothing to do with nuclear energy at all.

This sets an extremely high standard for our new Cambridge Advanced Studies Program in Magdalene. Students who choose to study Biology and the sciences on CASP will definitely be in the right place…  Magdalene now has 6 Nobel prize winners attached to the college. See if you recognise any of these famous Magdalene Nobel Prize winners:

Rudyard Kipling, Honorary Fellow (1907, Literature)
Patrick Blackett, 1919 Undergraduate (1948, Physics)
TS Eliot, Honorary Fellow (1948, Literature)
Nelson Mandela, Honorary Fellow (1993, Peace)
Seamus Heaney, Honorary Fellow (1995, Literature)
John Gurdon, Former Master & Honorary Fellow (2012, Medicine)

Read the full article here: www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9593459/Britains-Sir-John-Gurdon-wins-Nobel-Prize-for-medicine.html

*Every Cambridge college has a Master who is head of the college. Fellows are what professors are called in Cambridge. When a fellow retires and doesn’t teach at the college any more, s/he might be made an Honorary Fellow if they’re famous.