Bucksmore Summer Programmes



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The Bucksmore Education story started in 1979, when the British Educator, Michael Reise, opened a secondary school for English students at Buckswood Grange and began a summer school for international students on the same premises.

Originally, based more on American summer camp models, Bucksmore Education (or Buckswood Summer Programmes as it was then called) very quickly built up a considerable reputation for the excellence of its courses and English lessons, friendliness and hard work of its staff and for the quality of its locations. As its reputation grew, it also expanded, opening many more centres including a centre in the USA.

In 1999, the successful summer school for International students split from Buckswood School for English students and in 2003, as Buckswood Summer Programmes, became part of the ISIS Education and Travel Group. Its programmes and locations representing the top of the range summer schools that ISIS Education and Travel provide.

In 2009, Buckswood Summer programmes changed its name to Bucksmore Summer Programmes to avoid confusion with the old Buckswood Grange School, this was then changed again in 2012 to Bucksmore Education.

Bucksmore Education is full of history and tradition. We have had 35 years to perfect and improve the quality of our schools.