Bucksmore Summer Programmes


Nice (Turkey)

Nice (Oxford)

Bucksmore has been a really great experience for me. We visited wonderful places, shops castles. All of the staff members were great and they were like our friends at the same time. I made lots of friends and I am … Continue reading


Hugo (Portugal)


My experience in Cambridge, with the Bucksmore team is something never to be forgotten. I can say it was the most exciting and unforgettable experience ever in my life. I met awesome people, Italian, Russian, Brazilian, Swiss, Serbian, etc. All … Continue reading


Vincent (France)


I went three times to Bucksmore Plumpton and it was each time an incredible moment ! I met several times the same people and even the same teachers. They are all very friendly. Even though we live far from each … Continue reading


Paula (Spain)

Paula (Cambridge)

At the beginning, i was afraid that i wouldn’t be able to fit in, but I was completely wrong. I met wonderful people with whom I’m really good friends now, and who I do really love and care for. Being … Continue reading


Tina (Greece)

Tina (B Cambridge)

My personal experience at Corpus Christi, Cambridge was unforgettable! I really had a great time those two weeks abroad! Not only did I come in contact with other guys of my age, but I also learnt a lot during the … Continue reading


Florence (Mauritius)


The two weeks I spent in Cambridge were perfect! Thanks to the Cambridge Advanced Study Program, I made friends from all over the world and we still communicate. On top of that, being in touch with different cultures and developing economical … Continue reading


Anda (Romania)


My summer with Bucksmore was amazing and very interesting as I learned a lot of new things about the English culture. I made a lot of new friends, we visited great places and we had amazing activities and very interesting … Continue reading


Tiago (Portugal)


Bucksmore was maybe the best experience I’ve ever had on my life! I must confess that, at the start I was a bit unsure whether to go or not because I´ve always been a bit shy and I didn´t know … Continue reading


Roman (Russia)

Roman Grinfeld

It was my first summer in Bucksmore but I’m sure  it wasn’t the last. I had a great time there. But friends I met there is the thing that is very important to me. We are still in touch and … Continue reading


Lydia (Greece)

Lydia Pandi

Bucksmore, one word AMAZING!!! I have some great memories from these days, because this was my first summer school!! The only thing I want to say is that I had an amazing experience!!!