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Bucky Kids

English Language Summer Camp For 7-10 Year-Olds

Course Requirements

  • Bucky Kids can cater for all levels of English, from total beginner upwards.
  • The age range for students at Bucky Kids is 7-10.

Course Content

The syllabus incorporates themed English lessons, project sessions and diary writing.

The course aims to:

  • Develop linguistic skills through task based learning and collaborative activities.
  • Build social skills and confidence through pair work, group work and individual learning.
  • Give students a positive learning experience to promote future interest in learning English.

Themed Lessons

The themed lessons are timetabled in the morning and are directly related to the activities the students take part over the course of the day.

Themes on the course include ‘Superheroes’, ‘The Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Storytelling through fairy tales’. These young learner centric topics provide the platform for teaching vocabulary and grammar through engaging topics.

The variety of lessons and teaching material provide students with a stimulating and comprehensive learning experience throughout their stay with Bucksmore.

Project Work

Project sessions on Bucky Kids promote group work and co-operation and allow participation for all young learners in a more creative capacity.

Each day students spend one hour learning about, practising and preparing for their weekly project presentation.
The aims of project work are to encourage younger learners to co-operate on an equal basis towards the completion of tasks that the project requires. The level of personal involvement for young learners in projects is often higher which enhances their motivation for continued learning.

Diary Sessions

A new addition to the Bucky Kids academic programme is the introduction of end of day diary sessions. The diary sessions act as a review of the daily activities and excursions.

Students create diary entries to reinforce their learning experience for the day and new language is recycled and recorded in these sessions.

Experienced young learner tutors provide a guide and model short writing examples for students to follow and make their own diary entries. By the end of the programme students have a written memory to return home with.

Course Details
Bucky Kids includes:
  • 18 hours of English tuition each week
  • 2 full day excursions and 1 half day trip per week
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme including sporting, cultural and fun games
  • Visit to a West End musical each week
  • Maximum class size of 11 students