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Cambridge Advanced Studies Program (CASP)

High-level Tutorial Programme for Americans and Advanced Level Students


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The Cambridge Advanced Studies Program (CASP) is a small-group, tutorial based course for high-level international students and American students in Cambridge. CASP is a fantastic Cambridge summer school for older students looking for a challenging vacation programme. All our students experience an academic and activity programme similar to Cambridge University undergraduates. The tutorial and academic content is closely modeled on the Cambridge University teaching system.

CASP  students choose 2 subjects to study with expert tutors. The full list for 2016 includes:

Politics & International Relations Macro & Micro Economics International Business Management
Great British Poetry Marketing and Advertising Introduction to International Law
Classical Civilisations
Medical Biology The Physical World
Chemistry Matters
Algebra & Calculus  Probability & Statistics
Applications of Engineering Languages Cambridge Authors & Thinkers


As well as these tutorials, students will participate in optional workshops and Master Classes. Students can also choose optional SAT and IELTs preparation modules.

Fortnightly one-to-one supervisions are held to review the work done in tutorials and to discuss how students can build on what they have learned.

The Cambridge Advanced Studies Program is available to international students with an advanced or proficiency level of English as well as American students wanting to spend a summer in Cambridge. At the end of the course, detailed reports are prepared for students’ progress in each subject and this transcript can be forwarded to high schools for credit when requested for a four-week course only. We are able to liaise with a student’s school / college to ensure course material complements the year-round syllabus. It is a unique opportunity to experience student life through a Cambridge summer school.


Course Details

CASP includes:

  • Small group tutorials in chosen subjects by expert tutors. Some self-study is also expected. Maximum of 6 students per class.
  • Weekly Master Class in key skills including: debating, negotiating, public speaking and problem solving.
  • Workshops in fun activities including music, writing and performing.
  • Optional SAT & IELTs classes.
  • Full and half-day excursions.
  • Free time to explore Cambridge plus guided tours and activities around the city.
  • To download a copy of our CASP pre-placement test click here.

Please click here for a sample 2 week timetable. For more detailed information on Bucksmore activities and excursions please visit our ‘Course Content’ page.

Locations offering Cambridge Advanced Studies Program (CASP)

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Magdalene College, Cambridge University

Magdalene College is one of the famous central Cambridge University Colleges. Founded in 1428, Magdalene  is the 7th oldest college in Cambridge and one of the most beautiful. It has the longest river front of any college and is just…