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Young Professionals

Study in Oxford at a leading British independent boarding school

Course Requirements

  • Young Professionals requires an intermediate level of English (B1).
  • The age range for students at Young Professionals is 13-16.

Course Content

Young Professionals combines English language tuition with a choice of vocational disciplines. Students choose one subject per 2-week course and receive specialist tuition which provides an opportunity to discover potential career options.

‘Young Professionals’ receive a variety of teaching styles, including theory lessons, practical sessions and group project work. Two full-day excursions are also provided each week, including one related to a student’s chosen specialism.

The available subjects to choose per two-week course:

  • Business & Finance
  • Introduction to Medicine
  • Performing Arts
  • Media & Communication
  • Engineering

English Language

Develop essential communication skills through our academic subject themed approach. Learn key vocabulary relevant to modern life and develop language skills through active learning. Apply the linguistic skills learned in the classroom in the weekly workshops.

Students are tested on arrival and streamed into English classes based on their ability. Outside of English, students move into their chosen subject streams.

Subject Syllabus

The sample syllabus below gives an indication of the topics covered during the subject-specific lessons.

 Performing ArtsBusiness & FinanceMedia & CommunicationsIntroduction to MedicineEngineering
Theory Lessons• Stage production
• Script writing
• Character development
• Modern music
• Changing themes within theatre over the last century
• Strategy
• The marketing mix
• 21st century trends
• Methods of expansion
• Supply chains
• Technology in marketing techniques
• Modern media
• Target audiences
• Future of radio
• Globalisation
• Medical biology
• Anatomy
• The heart
• Diseases
• Modern medicine
• Mathematical understanding
• Manufacturing process
• Dynamics and thermodynamics
• Material usage
• Testing and investigation
Practical Sessions• Different styles of acting, singing and dancing.
• Voice projection
• Case studies of business leaders & companies
• Corporate social responsibility
• Television production
• Storyboards
• Laboratory experiments
• Dissection
• Hooke’s Law
• Thermal heat coefficients
Group ProjectsWrite, stage and perform own productionCreate own business plan to launch a new product or serviceDevelop and film an advertisement to market a new productResearch on global epidemicsDesign and build own battery-powered vehicle


Course Details
Young Professionals includes:
  • 25 hours of career experience tuition per week
  • 2 full day excursions per week
  • Choose from medicine, engineering, performing arts, media and business
  • Detailed report card upon graduation
  • Maximum class size per week