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Clare College

Cambridge University

Clare College is the second oldest Cambridge University College. The beautiful First Court was built in 1326 before the college expanded across the River Cam. The main entrance to Clare is right next to King’s College Chapel and only a few metres from the main King’s Parade road.


Founded in 1326, Clare College is the University of Cambridge’s second oldest College.

In 1521, a fire destroyed the majority of the College’s historical records, which means that large amounts of Clare College’s early history is undocumented and unknown.

Thanks to strong ties with the English Monarchy in the 16th Century, the College grew in wealth and size, resulting in a large expansion taking place around what is known today as ‘Old Court’.

In 2005, the Nobel Laureate Jim Watson donated a sculpture of a DNA helix to commemorate his co-discovery of DNA structure in 1953 with Francis Crick (while Watson was at Clare College).

Notable alumni of Clare College include Siegfried Sassoon (poet), Sir Andrew Wiles (mathematician) and Sir David Attenborough (broadcaster and naturalist).


Situated on ‘The Backs’ of Cambridge, Clare College spans either side of the River Cam. Lessons and bedrooms are located in ‘Memorial Court’ to the west of the river, whilst meals and some activities take place in ‘Old Court’ to the east. The two courts are joined together by the famous and much-photographed Clare Bridge, one of Cambridge’s oldest surviving bridges.

The College is located a short walk from the city centre and market square, so students find themselves close to shops, cafés and landmarks that they can explore during their free time.

Clare College’s idyllic setting and close proximity to the centre of town make it a wonderful location for international students to study English over the summer.


Students at Clare College stay in twin rooms with separate male and female accommodation. Bathrooms are shared between 4-6 students. Laundry is available onsite and free of charge.

Bucksmore also offers a complimentary airport transfer service to students arriving at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, as well as King’s Cross St Pancras International railway station.


In addition to the Bucksmore’s residential centre management team and counsellors that provide pastoral care and support to students, there are also night porters available to take care of any issues while most staff are asleep, as well as a College Porter’s Lodge manned 24 hours a day.

At a Glance
Location:Cambridge city centre
Bedrooms:Twin bedrooms with separate male and female accommodation
Internet:Wi-Fi available throughout the College and student computer room
Student ages:14-17
Courses since:2008