Bucksmore Summer Programmes


Course Content

There are 3 basic elements to all Bucksmore summer programmes…


Overview : Our Academic programme has been designed to provide for students of all levels. With a separate syllabus for every level of English from Elementary to Advanced, all Bucksmore students will have every opportunity to improve their English ability. The Bucksmore syllabus covers essential language skills as well as vocabulary and grammar, which students will be able to practise with all their new friends during meals and activities.

Some Bucksmore programmes have their own, subject specific lessons: Bucksmore Young Leaders, Bucksmore Choice, Bucksmore Sport, World University Preparation (UK) and Bucky Kids. These lessons are all designed by our experienced Academic Manager.

Bucksmore provides pens and exercise books for the students as well as a full Academic Report and Bucksmore certificate at the end of the programme.

The maximum class size on any Bucksmore programme is 15 although typically there are 10-12 students per class.

Testing : Students are given a written and oral test on the first morning as well as an introduction to the syllabus. Our teachers and Directors of Studies are very experienced at selecting the right level for all children, but if someone thinks they are in the wrong level they should speak to the Director of Studies.

Students shouldn’t worry about the test! We want to make sure everyone is in the right class to really learn as much as possible. There is no ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ mark!

Weekly structure : Classes typically take place in the morning with one “lazy morning” each week with classes in the afternoon. As well as these morning classes there will also be evening academic sessions that could take the form of project sessions, group discussions or feedback sessions. These evening sessions are interactive and are a great way to practise new language skills in a more relaxed classroom environment.

Before every full-day excursion, there will also be a brief link lesson preparing students for what exciting things they’re going to see and how to make the most of their visit.

Trinity Spoken English Exam : Students on all Bucksmore courses, apart from Bucky Kids, World University Preparation (UK) and Three Capitals sit the Trinity Spoken English Exam. This isn’t something to worry about! It is a simple oral exam lasting 10-20 minutes depending on the student’s English level.

It is designed to reward the student’s current level of English rather than push them to a higher level than they can achieve and it is the Director of Studies’ responsibility to make sure everyone is entered at the correct level. Students will receive 2 hours of Trinity preparation per week where they will have mock tests and learn how to get the reward they deserve.


When students are not in lessons or on excursions every one of our courses has a full afternoon and evening activities programme.

We have a huge variety of activities at Bucksmore designed to keep all of our students happy. They also give everyone a great chance to speak English outside the classroom. A weekly activities timetable can include sports, discos, talent shows, games, competitions, films, pretty much anything you can think of! Our centre Activity Managers are very experienced and always work hard to provide the best possible activities for students.

Our city centre programmes (all Oxford and Cambridge University colleges) also have ‘Freestyle Afternoons’. The students are all 14-17 so we allow them to have semi-supervised free time when they can relax with their friends in the middle of Oxford and Cambridge. We accompany them to the centre and make sure they know where our staff can be found, plus of course we always make sure mobile numbers are exchanged. This is a great way for our older students to enjoy a bit of freedom and explore these famous locations.

Some Bucksmore activities have proved so popular that they have now become much-loved summer traditions, including: Star Bucky, Trash Fashion, You Bet and Mr & Mrs Bucksmore!

Please note that during Freestyle Periods in Cambridge & Oxford Activity Managers will sometimes provide extra activities for students beyond the published timetable. These are entirely optional and students will sign up for them at the centre. These activities might include theatre productions, visits to the cinema, entrances to galleries / museums not included in the standard timetables published on our website. Students will be expected to pay for these and they are not included in our weekly price.


Excursions are often the highlight of the week for some Bucksmore students and we work really hard to make sure students have a great time as well as being fully informed about what they are going to see.

All students will have 2 full day excursions per week and 1 or 2 half day trips, depending on the chosen course. They allow students to explore some of the most famous places in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Stratford, Warwick Castle, Bath, the English seaside and of course, London. Most Bucksmore weeks will include one London visit because there is so much to see. London excursions will cover a famous landmark in the morning before giving the students a choice between an exciting attraction or simply a bit of free time to explore and maybe visit Oxford Street for some relaxing shopping!

Half day trips will involve visits to closer locations and will often involve activities such as swimming, bowling or ice skating. These vary according to the location and what each Activity Manager thinks the students as a group will most enjoy.

Please note that no student aged under 12 will be allowed free time on excursions. These students will remain with a Bucksmore Counsellor at all times and our staff member will accompany them while shopping.