Bucksmore Summer Programmes



Common Questions

Do boys and girls sleep in separate accommodation?


Do the staff live in the same sleeping areas as the students?


Is my child met at the airport on arrival and taken back to the airport on departure?


Are Bucksmore staff with the students 24 hours a day


Do students eat healthy, well-balanced meals?


Are the students’ travel documents and pocket money kept by the Bucksmore Centre Manager in a safe place?


Are there many different nationalities at Bucksmore?


Do the students speak English all day long?




My child has never travelled alone before. What happens at the airport when arriving and departing?

Don’t worry, Bucksmore has 30 years of experience collecting unaccompanied minors from airports and during that time we have worked with most major airlines worldwide.

For full details of the Bucksmore airport transfer policy please see the ‘Arriving & Departing’ web page.

If we don’t need Bucksmore to arrange a transfer how do we get to the centre?

If you need specific directions to any Bucksmore centre, please contact Head Office and we will be very happy to give you any information you need.

Please always remember to ring the Bucksmore centre in advance so our staff know when to expect you and your child.

How do I contact my child while they are at a Bucksmore centre?

Before your child arrives at the centre you will be sent an information pack which gives you the contact details of each centre; emergency phone numbers; and information about the best time to contact your child while they are at the centre. Our staff will help your child contact you when they have arrived. All Bucksmore centres have email access.

Can Bucksmore cater for any specific dietary requirements?

All Bucksmore centres can cater for different dietary requirements provided we are told well in advance of arrival. Please include all dietary needs on the booking form as clearly as possible.

We are from a non-EU country. What do we need to do to get a visa?

You will need a letter of invitation from Bucksmore and a letter confirming your enrolment. When you send your completed booking form to Bucksmore we will send you a Confirmation Email which includes a visa letter. Please check all details are correct and reply to the email confirming everything is fine. If you require a visa, we will then send you a paper copy of all the documents by post.

You need to make an appointment with your local embassy and take them the invitation and confirmation letters. Please contact your local embassy if you need more detailed information.

If you have any further questions about getting a visa please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will support you at all times during the application process.

We are staying near to the Bucksmore centre, can we visit our son/daughter? Is s/he allowed to leave the centre to visit us or other relatives?

Both of these are possible. If you want to visit your child at a Bucksmore centre please contact the Centre Manager in advance to inform them of your visit and to check when the best time to come is.

If you want them to leave the centre to visit relatives we strongly recommend that this is done on an excursion day so your child doesn’t miss any classes. We need permission in writing sent to Head Office and the Centre Manager with details of who will be collecting the student from the centre. When collecting your child, we ask whoever the named person is to show some form of ID to the Centre Manager (driving licence or passport). This is all for your child’s safety.

What happens if we have to cancel our booking?

Please see the Bucksmore Booking Information document, available to download from www.bucksmore.com/downloads, for our full cancellation policy. If we receive written confirmation of cancellation more than 1 month before arriving you will not be charged any extra fees on top of the £400 deposit which must accompany each booking. If you fail to get a visa we will refund all money other than a nominal administration cost of £100.

How safe and secure are the Bucksmore centres?

Plumpton and King Edward’s are very safe and secure campuses in rural settings. They are ideal for younger and older students.

Our city-centre campuses in Oxford and Cambridge are all in quite busy cities but people can only enter via the Porters’ Lodge in each college. The Lodge is manned 24 hours a day by the college porters.



How do I know which course is right for me?

Use the Bucksmore Course Finder! Bucksmore have a wide variety of courses and locations for all ages, interests and language levels. We have something for everyone.

If you want any more details please contact Head Office. The more information you give us about yourself the better we will be able to help you choose the perfect course.

Is my language level good enough for my chosen course?

We only have language level requirements for 3 courses: Bucksmore Young Leaders (Intermediate); World University Preparation (Upper Intermediate); and Bucksmore Arts Choice (Intermediate). If you don’t know what language level you are please download the Bucksmore language test from the “Downloads” page and email it to us. We will then email you back to inform you which course would be best for you. If your language level is too low we will suggest alternative programmes which will be much better for you.

For example, if your English isn’t good enough yet for Young Leaders you can go to Bucksmore Cambridge at Clare College and then go to Young Leaders next year!

Can I change course or change centre during my stay at Bucksmore?

Yes you can. Students can change from one course to another course during their stay provided they stay at least 2 weeks on one of the courses. For example, a student can study for 2 weeks on the Bucksmore Summer course at Plumpton College and then study for a further 2 weeks (or one week) on the Bucky Adventure course at Plumpton College.

Students can also change centres. For example, students can study for two weeks on a Bucksmore Summer programme at King Edward’s School before moving to St Hilda’s College for another one or two weeks.

Another popular option is to come to any Bucksmore centre for 2 weeks before switching to the Three Capitals tour of the UK. This is the perfect way to finish your visit to the UK.

Will I make friends with people from all over the world?

In 2013 we welcomed students from over 50 different countries so yes, you definitely will! Every year we have returning students talking to their friends in different countries arranging the best time for them all to come back to Bucksmore together! Bucksmore is the perfect chance to meet young people from different cultures and backgrounds.

How much pocket money do I need?

We recommend that you bring about £75 per week but it is entirely up to your parents how much they give you. You will need money for any souvenirs you want to buy on excursions or sweets! Be careful not to spend it all in the first week!

What happens to pocket money when I arrive?

When you arrive at the centre you have to give all of your pocket money, airline tickets and documents to the Centre Manager. They will keep it safe for you. There will be a fixed ‘banking’ time each day and before all excursions when you will be able to ask for your money.

Should I bring any valuables and what happens to them when I arrive?

We strongly recommend that you avoid bringing expensive items such as jewellery or electronic equipment. If you do decide to bring valuables please keep them locked away at all times or hand them to the Centre Manager to look after them for you.

What is the accommodation like? Can I request a single/double room?

It depends on the centre. At most centres we offer a mix of single and double rooms but please see our brochure or the relevant webpage to find out exact accommodation details. All of our rooms are standard and there are no en-suites.

You can request a single or double room but we can’t guarantee we will be able to do as you ask. We will always do our best, but we can’t promise! The earlier you book the more likely we can give you what you ask for.

What is the food like?

The food is good. Some centres are better than others but it is a very good standard everywhere. Our staff have to eat it too so we make sure it is tasty!

However, nothing ever tastes as good as your parents’ cooking so you have to be prepared to come to the UK and try new things.

How do I stay in touch with Bucksmore before and after the summer?

Easy – we are on Facebook, Twitter and we have a YouTube channel where you can watch videos from the summer and all the great Bucky Media productions! Become our friend on Facebook and receive all our status updates about what Bucksmore are doing now. Of course you can always email or phone us with any feedback or questions. We love hearing from you so please get in touch!

What is the Trinity Spoken English Exam? It sounds difficult!

Don’t worry! The Trinity Exam is a quick oral test (10 -20 minutes). We enter all students at a level we think you can achieve. It doesn’t test how much you learn at Bucksmore, it is an internationally recognised award which rewards your current English level. You will have a lesson to prepare for the Trinity so you will be well prepared. Don’t worry at all about it – it is a great achievement to have and one you can be very proud of! We want you to succeed so we will make sure you are fully prepared.

What are the Bucksmore rules? Are they very strict?

We have a set of rules which apply to all Bucksmore centres. These will be sent to you before the summer but they can be summarised below:

Student ‘Musts’

  • Students must attend all classes and trips and activities unless given special permission by their Course Director not to do so.
  • Students must observe the rules relating to any use of IT software provided at the Bucksmore centres.
  • Students must observe bedtimes, and quiet must be maintained in bedrooms after lights out at night.
  • Sporting facility rules must be strictly observed when students are using a sporting facility at one of our centres. For example, no student may enter the King Edward’s swimming pool if there is no lifeguard present.
  • Students must hand in their airline tickets, passports and travellers’ cheques to the Course Director for safekeeping.

Student ‘Must nots’

  • Students must not leave the school or be absent from meals without permission from the Course Director.
  • Students must not go into the bedrooms occupied by students of the opposite sex.
  • Students must not bully other students. Bullying will not be tolerated. In serious cases students may be sent home.
  • Fire escapes must not be used for fun. They are for emergency use only.
  • Electronic devices must not be switched on or used during lessons, activities and after lights out.
  • Students must not smoke. No smoking is allowed on any Bucksmore course at any time.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. Students found to possess, use or supply alcohol or illegal drugs will be sent home with no refund of fees.
  • Any students breaking these rules, or English law, or persisting in serious anti-social behaviour will be disciplined. In serious cases students may be sent home early with no refund of fees.
  • Any student who causes damage or breakages may be charged for repairs or replacement.