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For over 40 years, Bucksmore Education has been providing students with innovative and engaging academic short courses, centred around helping young people find and pursue their passions and ambitions.

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Our broad range of English language courses allow students to follow their own unique Bucksmore Journey that can complement and add value to their current school curriculum. Designed to develop and challenge students, our programmes offer a high-level of English language development and academic content, ranging from industry insights to university preparation that students can use to help them progress towards their future education and career goals.


English Foundation

Our English language residential camps offer specialist tuition tailored specifically to a summer schools setting.
Available to learners of all English abilities aged 10 to 18.

Discover our English Foundation courses.

Academic Enrichment

Our academic and industry certified short courses are designed for ambitious students aged 13 to 17 who wish to further develop their professional career expertise.

Discover our Academic Enrichment courses.

University Preparation

Our subject specific academic tuition is ideal for high-achieving learners aged 16 to 18 aiming to study or gain insight into top universities.

Discover our University Preparation courses.

Why Bucksmore?


    Cultural experience

    Each Bucksmore Education programme is thoughtfully crafted to include enjoyable and educational excursions, offering students opportunities to extend their studies beyond the classroom. From experiencing the breathtaking views of Central London on the London Eye to private tours of Cambridge or Oxford Universities, and on-site sports sessions, our social programme immerses students in British culture, fosters lasting friendships, and provides abundant chances to enhance their English skills in real-life situations.
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    Global perspectives

    In order to create a successful path to follow in life, we understand that having a global mindset and strong cultural experiences are key. We welcome students from every corner of the globe and provide the platform for them to further develop their social and global perspectives.
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    Innovation and ambition

    Bucksmore has long led in creating innovative courses, guiding students to connect education and work in today's competitive world. We take pride in offering diverse opportunities, from industry certifications in our Academic Enhancement courses to IELTS exam success in our English courses and crafting excellent university personal statements through our Advanced Studies Programme.
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    Simple, all-inclusive pricing

    At Bucksmore, we prioritize transparency and simplicity in pricing. Our all-inclusive model ensures no hidden fees. The displayed price covers tuition, accommodation, meals, excursions, teaching materials, transfers, and insurance. We aim for our students and their families to have peace of mind, providing a clear understanding of the total cost. With Bucksmore, you can plan and budget confidently for an enriching educational experience without concerns about unexpected fees.
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    Inspiring teaching staff

    Our course staff and tutors bring extensive industry and academic experience, ensuring students receive purposeful and relevant knowledge in a safe, supportive environment. Passionate English language tutors guide language skill development, Oxbridge academics challenge and inspire exploration of subjects, and workshop leaders connect academic understanding with real-world applications.
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    World-class venues

    Our world-renowned venues offer students access to some of the most exclusive and academically prestigious environments in the world. Steeped in history and tradition, and attended by many prominent academic, political and industry greats, we aim to give students an inspirational experience that develops both the confidence and ambition to achieve their vision and goals for the future.
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    • Ayse
      I feel safe here and I don't want to go home. I really improved my English: I love it here!
    • Lea
      I want to do International Relations so I came here to improve my English. Everybody is so nice!!
    • Antoni
      It helps to have people from other nationalities learning with you because it makes learning easier and fun!
    • Nadine
      I've met Brazilians, people from Slovenia, France, Thailand, Germany. It was so beautiful because it's a cultural meeting and I've never met so many people!

      Bespoke courses

      Our bespoke group courses offer students a tailored academic and cultural experience in a range of prestigious venues. They offer the opportunity to design your ideal group course at any time of year using our extensive knowledge and experience of creating high quality residential camps. At every step of the process, you will be supported by a member of our team to make sure that every need for your group is catered for.
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      Home tuition

      Home tuition is a unique opportunity to live and learn in the home of a professional English teacher, benefitting from one-to-one personalised lessons in a comfortable and relaxed environment. The entire programme, from accommodation to lessons, takes place in the immersive environment of the teacher’s home, with excursions to local places of interest.

      Each student is carefully matched to their ideal teacher by our dedicated team. Courses are designed by our professional teachers to meet the academic needs of the student, enabling faster progress than in a traditional school environment.

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