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Our History

English Language Summer school students

The History of Bucksmore Education

The story of Bucksmore Education begins in 1979 when British Educationalist Michael Reise founded a secondary school at Buckswood Grange. ‘Buckswood Summer Programmes’ was also established as a summer school for international students wanting to learn English.

The summer school was modelled on American summer camps, with ‘Counsellors’ who live with students, teach lessons and lead excursions and activities, providing a higher level of pastoral care, guidance and friendship – giving students more than just ‘teachers’ and ‘activity leaders’ at a summer school.

In 1999, the English language summer school for international students split away from Buckswood School for English students, and in 2003 became part of Oxford International Education Group (formerly known as ISIS Education and Travel).

Under the guidance of Rory Wilkinson, now our company chairman, who took over the management of Buckswood Summer Programmes, the company started in a new direction in 2007 and began to expand rapidly, running more courses in new locations across the country.

Recognising that high-achieving and well-motivated individual students wanted more from a UK summer school than just English language, excursions and afternoon activities, the company developed more challenging courses such as Young Leaders, World University Preparation, Arts Choice and Advanced Studies and located their courses for older students in many Oxford and Cambridge University colleges. The company further provided more choice, more activities, more lessons, more excursions, more ‘wow’ factor for its younger students.

In order to avoid confusion with the old Buckswood Grange School, the company rebranded to ‘Bucksmore Summer Programmes’ in 2009, and then to ‘Bucksmore Education’ in 2012. During this period the high standards, academic rigour, originality and fantastic locations of Bucksmore courses gave the brand a growing reputation as more and more students wanted to spend their summers on Bucksmore courses. With ‘first English Language experience abroad’ courses designed for 7 – 10 years to high level leadership and advanced studies courses for 15-17 year olds, students dedicated to Bucksmore could return each year on a different more challenging course.

In 2014, after acquiring Homelingua, a home tuition company based in Oxford, Bucksmore started to provide intensive home tuition in addition to its summer schools and year round courses and formed ‘Bucksmore Homelingua’.

Bucksmore Education is full of history and tradition, but also of originality and challenge. With 40 years of experience to perfect and improve the quality of our prestigious summer schools, we are proud of the summer programmes we offer. It is our goal for each one of our courses to be the best course that our students have ever attended.