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4th Floor Nova South
160 Victoria Street
SW1E 5LB info@bucksmore.com +44 (0) 794 642 4965

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4th Floor Nova South
160 Victoria Street
SW1E 5LB info@bucksmore.com +44 (0) 794 642 4965

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Ensuring quality in online teaching

In moving online, we have worked hard to ensure that we maintain academic quality at the heart of our courses. On our one-to-one sessions, we work closely with our teachers and have put in place robust procedures, so your lessons are of the highest standard.

Trusted teachers:

  • We only work with tried and tested teachers who deliver quality face-to-face courses and most have many years of experience with Bucksmore Homelingua

Teachers training:

  • Our teachers receive induction on the most common features, strengths and potential difficulties of online teaching in general
  • Teachers also have an induction on how to use our learning platform (Zoom)
  • Teachers keep learning with Continuous Professional Development sessions on a weekly basis:
    • Weekly sessions are based on teachers’ needs and the lessons that week
    • Teachers also request sessions that the Academic Manager then devises a CPD session around
    • Bucksmore Homelingua teachers have also completed a teaching skills survey based on the Cambridge English Teaching Framework and that, combined with observations, is the basis of their own, individual CPD journeys
    • Sessions are all available for teachers to revisit whenever they need on the Moodle
    • If and when appropriate, teachers are encouraged to create their own CPD sessions

Teaching quality and observations:

  • Our Academic Manager regularly checks quality by dropping in on or reviewing the sessions
  • All our teachers are formally observed at least twice a year
  • If appropriate there are standardisation sessions for ensuring quality control among the observers
  • Teachers get detailed feedback based on the formal observations and suggestions and potential notes for the pop-in observations
  • Some teachers also ask the Academic Manager to observe their lessons for suggestions and ideas
  • Action points are compiled based on the observation outcomes and shared with the teacher, then picked up in the next observation
  • We have also started into introduced peer observations to help teachers develop even further

Ongoing support for both teachers and their students:

  • Technical support is available for both students and teachers during the duration of each scheduled lesson
  • Teachers ask for materials which are either shared directly or uploaded on the Moodle
  • Teaching advice and best practice are shared in the weekly virtual staffroom and CPD sessions. Recordings are made available on the Moodle