English Medium Instruction 


Content Language and Intergrated Learning (CLIL)

Bucksmore Education embraces the methodology of Content Language and Integrated Learning (CLIL), which has been described as a significant revolution in language teaching. The basis of CLIL is that content subjects are taught and learnt in a language which is not the mother tongue of the learners. On our courses, we utilise the existing knowledge of our students to enhance their English skills (Bucksmore courses include Young Professionals, Young Leaders, Advanced Studies Programme and all EFL courses).

The Benefits of CLIL

CLIL offers numerous benefits, including preparing for future studies or work, developing different interests and attitudes, diversifying teaching methods, increasing learner motivation, integrating language into the broader curriculum, fostering academic language proficiency and introducing broader cultural context to content lessons. 

Conversely, CLIL also enhances student motivation to learn the subjects by allowing them to make faster and more solid progress compared to studying them separately. The content-specific subject remains the primary objective, while linguistic goals serve as secondary objectives. This approach provides consistency and a strong foundation for linguistic progress.

Further benefits of CLIL include providing a natural context for language use, increasing motivation, enhancing language acquisition ad developing essential 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

Contextual Learning 

Engaging in subjects of interest allows students to unconsciously improve their language skills, making the learning process more engaging than traditional English as a Foreign Language (EFL) textbooks, particularly for international students. Regardless of a student's native or non-native English proficiency, Bucksmore Education helps students to develop communicative use of English as an international language, academic language proficiency, interpersonal communication skills and intercultural understanding.

CLIL During Bucksmore Summer

During the summer, Bucksmore offers the opportunity to explore subject areas and think like an architect, engineer, historian, marketer, social scientist, economist, doctor, or linguist without being constrained by curriculums. Bucksmore's ultimate goal is to make learning enjoyable, challenging and inspiring for all students.