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Bucksmore Coding

A computer programming course for students aged 10-13 and 13-16

Activities & Excursions

Students on Bucksmore Coding join with all students at Plumpton College for activities and excursions. The timetable is planned and organised by a dedicated Activity Manager, who is responsible for choosing and coordinating weekly activities and excursions. One of the key responsibilities of an Activity Manager is to respond to student requests and ensure that all students have a fantastic time during their stay.


Each week, there are two full-day excursions and one half-day trip to a variety of destinations. Students are accompanied by staff on all excursions, and can be given free-time if appropriate. Popular visits include:

Excursions to London can take many forms, such as walking tours of famous locations such as central London (Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and 10 Downing Street) and Greenwich (Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum & the Cutty Sark). Numerous areas are also visited, such as museums, landmarks, attractions and shopping districts.

This seaside town is a classic British holiday resort. Choose to go shopping in The Lanes, ride a rollercoaster on Brighton Pier or take a leisurely stroll along the beach.

Thorpe Park
Always a student favourite! Thorpe Park is one of Europe’s biggest and most exciting theme parks in Europe, with seven rollercoasters and five water rides.

On-Site Activities

The social programme is an important part of any summer school experience, and is great way for students to socialise and practice their English with each other. In addition to traditional activities such as sports tournaments, talent shows and discos, other examples of Bucksmore activities include:

Zombie Run
There is a zombie outbreak in the school! In order to survive, students reach several health checkpoints around the school without being “bitten” (tagged). If infected by a zombie, students become a zombie themselves and must infect as many “humans” as possible!

Beat The Clock
At various locations around the school are different challenges that students must complete as quickly as possible.

Granny’s Candy
Word has gotten out that Granny’s candy has become very popular, but the evil chocolate factory is trying to push out her out of the business by getting their minions to steal her candy. Each team has been hired on a mission by the Granny’s Candy Company to acquire candy from her candy makers and transport it to a safe location.

Course Details
Bucksmore Coding includes:
  • 15 hours of English tuition each week
  • 7.5 hours of computer coding classes each week
  • 2 full day excursions and 1 half day trip per week
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme including sporting, cultural and fun games
  • Bucksmore end-of-course Assessment
  • Maximum class size of 11 students