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Global University Preparation

Prepare for university applications to the world’s top countries for higher education

New for 2019

The Global University Preparation provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to understand and prepare for university application across the world’s top countries for higher education; the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia.

Taking place in a global city, students will compare the processes and requirements for entrance to leading institutions, whilst also developing their own applications. By the end of the course students will have decided on the course and nation(s) they want to apply to, and will have a first draft of their application ready to be submitted.


  • Full-board accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • Personalised report card & certificate
  • Entrances to attractions on excursions
  • Full activity programme


Course Details
Global University Preparation includes:
  • 40 hours over two weeks
  • 3 full day excursions across 2 weeks
  • Full evening activity programme including sports, games and cultural trips
  • Personalised report card & certificate upon graduation
  • Maximum class size of 11 students