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London Advanced Studies Program

An Academic Summer School For 13-16 Year Olds

Course Requirements

  • The course is open to both native English speakers and international students
  • Non-native English speakers must have a minimum ‘C1’ level of English (upper intermediate).
  • The age range for students on LASP is 13-16.

Taught by expert tutors with a maximum class size of six, students must choose one core subject and one specialist to study each week. Students can choose to either study the same area each week, or decide to change for each week of their stay.

Core Subjects

Students must choose one of the following subjects to be studied over 10 hours per week:

Physics of the Universe
The study of space has enchanted man since the dawn of time. Our Sun is 1,300,000 times bigger than Earth, yet the Sun is 300 times smaller than the largest known star. Ever felt so small?

Marvels of Mathematics
From calculus to trigonometry, mathematics is the core of all scientific understanding. Statistics, shapes and scales are all studied in this advanced look at the first subject ever studied by mankind.

English Literature
Since the epic poem Beowulf, fiction has long been a part of UK culture. From Oliver Twist to Harry Potter, step in to the absorbing world of English literature.

Psychology of the Mind
Comprehending the foundations of the human brain is a captivating way to understand how people think. Learn about the main themes and schools of thought that form the basis of psychology and behavioural science.

Business Studies
Fancy yourself as the next Bill Gates? In order to mould the minds of future CEOs, these sessions will take a look at areas such as marketing strategy, types of organisations, finance, ethical issues and supply chain analysis.

Comprehending the foundations of chemistry are fundamental to gaining an understanding of how life is constructed. Chemical bonds, atomic structures and equilibria all have a part to play.

IELTS Preparation
IELTS is recognised globally, giving students a truly international qualification. With specialist tuition, including exam techniques and tips to help improve overall test performance, students will finish the course with the necessary skills to maximise their IELTS performance.

Specialist Subjects

Students must choose one of the following subjects to be studied over 5 hours per week:

Introduction to Law
Ideal for any student considering a possible career in law, this course will introduce the application of law in the courtroom, as well as the fundamental principles to legal systems, legislature and the formation of laws.

British History
Since William The Conqueror led the Norman occupation in 1066, Britain has had 40 kings and queens, invaded almost 90% of the world’s countries, and gained and lost an empire. These tutorials study the key turning points in British History.

Macro & Micro Economics
Now more than ever economic matters are crucial to our everyday lives. While microeconomics studies the economic behaviour of the individual unit, such as a person, household or individual firm, macroeconomics focuses on all of the units combined together and is the study of the system as a whole. This course introduces basic concepts and tools used in macroeconomics analysis such as the theory, measurement and determination of national income, budget deficits, national debt and exchange rates.

Feeling Philosophical
Socrates once said “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”. Reflection can be one of the most difficult skills for any person to master. Journey into the world of musing, brooding and philosophy in these profound sessions that allow students to contemplate their own existence.

Physical Geography
A branch of natural science that examines the planet’s many environments, Physical Geography challenges students to understand Earth’s abundance of processes and patterns that has created the world we live in today.

A future with robots as part of everyday life is becoming more and more of a reality. Students can develop knowledge and skills in the field of robotics through a combination of theoretical studies and practical work with construction kits.

Course Details
London Advanced Studies Program includes:
  • 20 hours of academic subject tuition each week
  • 1 full day excursion outside of London each week
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme including sporting, cultural and fun games
  • Personalised report card and certificate upon graduation
  • Maximum class size of 6 students