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Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and innovation in an Ivy League University

Activities and Excursions

Young Entrepreneur’s timetable is planned and organised by a dedicated Activity Manager, who is responsible for choosing and coordinating weekly activities and excursions. One of the key responsibilities of an Activity Manager is to respond to student requests and ensure that all students have a fantastic time during their stay.


Each week, there are two full-day excursions to a variety of destinations. Students are accompanied by staff on all excursions and can be given free-time if appropriate. Popular visits include:

  • Washington D.C.
  • New York City
  • Ocean City
  • Six Flags Theme Park
  • Valley Forge National Park
  • Hershey’s World
  • Sightseeing in Philadelphia

On-Site Activities

The social programme is an essential part of any summer school experience and is an excellent way for students to socialise and practice their English with each other. In addition to traditional activities such as sports tournaments, talent shows and discos, other examples of Bucksmore activities include:

You Bet!
A team game in which teams of students bet on a series of challenges performed by other students or staff. Teams receive points for the correctly chosen winner of each task, and the team with the most overall points wins a prize!

Get Your Own Back
Usually held towards the end of the course, this is an excellent chance for students to get revenge on their teachers! Each counsellor comes on to the stage for a different challenge, and students are given the opportunity to volunteer themselves to try and beat the counsellor at each game. Whoever loses has to do a forfeit!

Course Details
Young Entrepreneurs includes:
  • 15 hours tuition per week & 10 hours of team challenge
  • 2 full-day excursions per week
  • Full evening activity programme including sports, games and cultural trips
  • Personalised report card & certificate upon graduation
  • Maximum class size of 11 students