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Young Leaders

Developing key skills for future leaders of their generation

Student Welfare

The wellbeing, security and safety of all Bucksmore students is our main priority. Our experienced staff team receive welfare training and there is always at least one first-aid trained member of staff available at any point during the day, as well links with local doctors and hospitals.

Bucksmore Cambridge has a minimum staff-to-student ratio of 1:7, led by a management team consisting of a Centre Manager, Activity Manager and Director of Studies.

A team of residential Bucksmore Counsellors, not only teach classes, but also take part in all activities and excursions. This gives students more than just ‘teachers’, but a higher level of pastoral care, friendship and supervision from our first-class Counsellors.

Bucksmore Centre Staff

The Centre Manager looks after all areas of the Centre and in particular how our students are settling in and integrating with the other international students.  Bedroom inspections, daily student meetings, and constant communication with the staff ensures that our Centre Managers know what is happening in their centre at all times.

The Director of Studies (DoS) looks after the academic programme.  The DoS knows every student’s English level and is constantly monitoring how they are performing in their lessons.  The DoS makes sure that there is a positive learning dynamic in each class and that all students are involved at all times.

The Activity Manager looks after the afternoon and evening activities and the excursions.  Our activities are designed to be totally involving and interactive for the students and the Activity Manager monitors each activity very carefully, making sure each student gets the maximum benefit.

The Counsellors wake the students up, put them to bed, teach them English, supervise their meals, guide them on excursions and trips and motivate them during activities.  They also act as role models and are constantly on hand to listen and help our students at all times.  The Counsellors speak English to the students all day.

Contact numbers for our centres, Centre Managers and Head Office are made available before the start of the summer course.   They can be downloaded separately or as part of the parents pack one month before a course starts.  Before this time, contact the head office.

Staff at Head Office are also available at any time throughout the summer.


Course Details
Young Leaders includes:
  • 28 hours of leadership tuition each week
  • 2 full day excursions
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme including sporting, cultural and fun games
  • Detailed report card upon graduation
  • Maximum class size of 11 students