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Course Overview

Elite Leadership & University Preparation

The Elite Leadership & University Preparation programme is designed to supplement and enhance the year-round advice provided by school advisors and Counsellors.

This is a unique opportunity for students aged 16-18 to network with like-minded individuals, all aiming to maximise their potential to win admission to a top, globally recognised UK university.

Taking place over 11 days, the course combines a highly-rated leadership syllabus (nominated for a British Council award in 2015), with an intensive university preparation programme, including 1:1 counselling sessions, study skills, UCAS workshops, and more.

The Emirates Academy

The Elite Leadership & University Preparation programme takes places in Dubai’s beautiful Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

Located just around the corner from the world famous Burj Al Jumeirah Hotel and the beautiful Sunset Beach Boardwalk, the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management is situated in an enviable location in one of Dubai’s finest areas.

Dubai’s Old Town, marina and mall are all located less than 15 minutes away, and the campus is surrounded by a variety of shops and restaurants.

Residential students will be situated in first-class twin bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and will have access to the swimming pool, outdoor terraces and on-site cafés.