Feedback & Complaints

Feedback is important for our continuous development, and we take it very seriously. See below for details surrounding feedback and our complaints procedure.


Throughout your course, we will provide multiple opportunities to give feedback although you are welcome to raise any comments, suggestions or complaints at any point.

All students will be asked to provide feedback through our online form at the start, middle and end of their course to check they are enjoying themselves, feel safe and to ask if there is anything our staff can do to improve their experience from an academic or activities perspective. Students will be given links by the course staff to complete feedback on their personal devices (mobile or laptop).

The management staff on every course, as well as Head Office staff will review all feedback on a weekly basis to monitor our performance and ensure the safety and happiness of our students.

If a student has any feedback, concerns or complaints during their course, they should speak to a member of staff on the course (for example the Centre Manager or Director of Studies) or follow the complaints procedure below. Student feedback is of the upmost importance to us, and we want to make sure that every student has a memorable and meaningful experience, so we strongly encourage students to raise their feedback and concerns, no matter how big or small, so that we can reach an agreeable solution as quickly as possible.

Complaints Procedure

We take complaints very seriously and always want to resolve any issues in an efficient and satisfactory manner. If you have a complaint, please email . In the subject line please use: Complaint: [STUDENT NAME] so that we can respond with a matter of urgency.