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Is home tuition right for me?

Live and learn English in your teacher’s home year-round with Bucksmore Homelingua

Is Home Tuition Right For Me?

  • Great for students that need a personalised course.
  • Perfect for students that want to increase their confidence and speaking fluency.
  • Ideal for students that want to make a lot of progress quickly.
  • Highly flexible schedule – You can start any week of the year.
  • An excellent way to discover British and Irish culture.

The Homelingua Advanced Learning System

Delivers results and builds confidence

Personalised course based on your study goals

p01One of the biggest advantages of a home tuition course is its great flexibility. In the one-to-one setting, your teacher will personalise the level and topics of the lessons according to your own needs and interests. Our Homelingua teachers will focus on making sure your personalised course meets all your study goals and academic needs. With Homelingua home tuition you can expect to enjoy a relaxed, friendly atmosphere becoming a part of the teacher’s family.

Before starting their course, students complete a placement test and we ask students about their study goals, academic needs and interests. Our Homelingua teacher will contact you before the course starts and you can let them know whether there are any areas they wish to focus on during their course.

Qualified and professional teachers

p02We only choose qualified and professional teachers to teach our range of Bucksmore Homelingua courses. We only work with teachers that have an English teaching qualification such as CELTA from the University of Cambridge or TESOL from Trinity College London and fully qualified school teachers (PGCE).

Our teachers come from various backgrounds and specialisms such as finance, business, law, medical and aviation. Our teachers are fully inspected and regularly observed by the Bucksmore Homelingua academic team.

English immersion environment

p03You can expect to make faster progress on a Bucksmore Homelingua 1-1 English home tuition course than on a group course in a language school.

As you are living in the home of your teacher, you also have the advantage of being totally immersed in the language outside of lesson times which means you can use the English that you have practised during the lesson.

Managed courses and progress monitoring

p04The Bucksmore Homelingua Director of Studies monitors all students and courses ensuring that the maximum progress is made by the student. He will contact students at the beginning of the course to make sure everything is satisfactory and also send an end of course satisfaction survey.

Your Homelingua teacher will complete a personalised progress report, giving feedback on your progress as well as areas for improvement.