Improve your English with these language learning tips!

Language-learning tips: How to improve your English quickly

All Bucksmore students know that learning English takes a lot of effort and dedication.  Of course, all language learners experience this situation and it is not limited only to English, however, as there are so many speakers of English worldwide, it seems to take a long time to really master the language.  What is correct […]

Bucksmore students graduating

Bucksmore Appointed Centre of Excellence

We are delighted to announce that Bucksmore Education has been appointed as a Centre of Excellence by the EL Gazette We are delighted that our excellent British Council inspection results have been recognised by the leading industry newspaper. Our BC results have placed Bucksmore in the top 10% of ALL English language schools accredited […]

English Language Learning Tips

Language-learning tips: How to get better at listening

Listening in a second language is a difficult skill to master, but it is one of the most important.  Listening is the communication skill most of us use most often.  Studies point out that humans spend around 80% of their waking hours involved in some form of communication.  Of that time, we spend about 9 […]

Magdalene College, Cambridge University

Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury admitted as new Master of Magdalene

Last month, the ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Rowan Williams was admitted as the new Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge University. Lord Williams was the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002 until 2012, which is the highest ranking post in the Anglican Church. Among his many duties, he is perhaps best known to a global audience […]