Oxbridge Degrees: A passport for success and power?

The academic pedigree and world-wide reputation of Cambridge and Oxford Universities is no mystery to anybody. However, very few people, even in the UK, seemed to have realised the full extent to which an Oxbridge degree can really be a gateway to success in later career and life. A recent study by the Social Mobility […]

The City of Cambridge

Free Public Wifi launched across Cambridge

Cambridge is the first city in the UK to launch FREE public wifi for everyone in central locations across the city. So no more roaming charges when Bucksmore students try to access the internet! Read the full story here: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/News/Free-public-wi-fi-internet-launched-in-central-Cambridge-in-time-for-Tour-de-France-20140623000100.html.

Proof that Oxford is an ‘awe inspiring wonderland’

If you need more proof that Oxford is an amazing place to spend your summer try these photos: http://www.buzzfeed.com/dianabruk/photos-that-prove-oxford-is-an-awe-inspiring-wonderland?s=mobile How could you argue with these photos? In Oxford Bucksmore runs programmes at St Hilda’s College AND Brasenose College. Click on the location links at the top of the page to read more about these fantastic […]