Trash Fashion Evening at Young Leaders

On a Tuesday evening on Corpus Christi Campus a rather strange sight appeared. A team of Counsellors were spotted heading down to the Pelican Bar – the Corpus Christi event room – with armfuls of “trash”! Cardboard boxes, paper plates, tinfoil, newspaper, crepe paper, magazines… you name it the Counsellors had it and LOTS of […]

Ely Excursion: Cathedral Tours and Afternoon Tea

On a sunny Sunday afternoon students and staff boarded the buses to make the short drive up to Ely – the neighbouring village to Cambridge town. Ely is located in the nearby fenlands- drained marshlands – and has a lovely English Countryside feel. Once the coaches arrived students were brought to the town centre as […]

Young Leaders took a trip to Brighton

It was a beautiful sunny day and shortly after breakfast the students set off for the coaches with their packed lunches in hand. Destination: Brighton! Although it was long, everyone enjoyed the coach journey, singing and chatting all the way there. We arrived at 11.30, we were dropped off on the sea front and got […]

Bucksmore President Election

Our Bucksmore Cambridge students have run a very successful campaign to elect their president. All students have been learning to support their arguments and ideas in their lessons over the last week in debates and long discussions. Very creative and hopeful political parties have been the result of such intense negotiations. Corpus Christi College has […]

In retrospective

As I’m writing these lines, some of our students are already gone, some are still waiting for their transfer to arrive. The last four weeks have been very intense but at the same time immensely fun. We’ve done so much, we’ve visited so many places, we’ve made so many new friends, it’s difficult to pick […]

The 3 Capitals Adventures to London, York and Edinburgh

The busy first week of the 3 Capitals began with visits to some of the most famous locations in the capital of England – The Tower of London, The British Museum and Covent Garden. Students got to know each other while exploring these must-see destinations and have been continuing to practice and improve their English skills […]

The Grand Finale

This week has been rather cool for August, but nonetheless we’ve been keeping busy and having lots of fun! On Tuesday, we said goodbye to a few departing friends. We were never going to let this dampen our spirits, though, as our students stretched their legs and strained their sinews in contests of skill in […]

Telling Stories

This week at St. Hilda’s the students brushed up on their knowledge of English history, taking part in an engaging and informative link lesson on Warwick Castle in preparation for the excursion on Friday. The exciting lesson gave students the chance to acquire some new vocabulary as well as design their very own castles. In […]

The Three Capitals Bucksmore Tour

Welcome to the Bucksmore 3 Capitals! Our group have been busy visiting London, York and currently Edinburgh since arriving to the UK on Tuesday! All of our students participated well in testing back in Greenwich, London in their first few days and have been working hard in lessons since arriving to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh […]

Return to the Tudor period

On Saturday 22nd, Bucksmore students and staff packed their bags and lunches and set out for day at Hever Castle, childhood home of former Queen Anne Boleyn. After a short coach ride we arrived at our destination. We split into groups upon arrival and our fabulous teachers led our wide-eyed students through the beautiful Japanese […]