A night to remember at St Hilda’s

Stop the presses! From Egyptian Mummies to Newspaper Production, week 7 proved to be a whirlwind in St Hildas. A London excursion preview lesson gave students insight into England’s throbbing capital prior to their visit. Through research, the students were able to learn more about attractions such as  Westminster and the British Museum (including famous […]

St Hilda’s make the most of their final week

All good things must come to an end, and Week 6 at the St. Hilda’s campus was no exception. The week began with a graduation ceremony with awards being presented to leavers and t-shirts being signed amongst friends who would be returning to their respective countries the next day (*sniff* we’re not crying, you’re crying). […]

d’Overbroeck’s Final Week of Lessons!

Here we are: our last week at Bucksmore! As a teacher, I was afraid that our lovely students won’t have much fuel left and we can rely on solar power only. But in fact fun lessons can activate all the hidden reserves of energy, so we, teachers, could meet our students at the crossroads and […]

St Hilda’s Students Create Video Games

The academic program that we did in week 5 was really exciting. It all started with a placement test, induction and assessment lesson on Wednesday morning. We got to know each other through different fun and educational games, like ‘Kaboom’ or ‘Guess the fact’. We also introduced ourselves with newly-arrived story cubes! On Thursday before […]

Plumpton battles it out in teams!

As the new arrivals joined us on Tuesday, it was time for everyone to show what true competitive spirits Plumpton had in its blood. First the students had to build human pyramids, the activity was a careful balancing act that required a mastermind with physics knowledge to work out which person was best suited for […]

King Ed’s Fantastic Fete

Welcome to what is nearly the end of our wonderful adventures here in Buckyland! To close off the week the kids took part in a fantastic summer fete organised by the teachers. Just look at the power in those arms! And check out these hoop throwing skills, one day we might be able to catch […]

Tonbridge Young Leaders at the Zoo

As the Young Leaders course drew to a close at the Tonbridge centre, our penultimate excursion was a trip to London Zoo. Boarding the bus in sleepy Kent we arrived in the morning sun circling Regents Park. We fashioned an advanced viewing strategy to enhance our visit and staged a systematic and methodical approach to […]

Plumpton goes to London! Take 2!

If it’s a Thursday @Plumpton, then it’s a full-day trip in magnificent London! Our cultural tour of the city started with Trafalgar Square, one of the most vibrant spaces located at the heart of the city. We took photos of Nelson’s column but also enjoyed a bit of music and art from the talented street […]

King Edward’s Brilliant Boot Camp

Last was a big night for us here in Buckyland as we had a visit from US General S.T Lodge.   Along with his band of crack commandos who had parachuted into King Ed’s, just as the kids were finishing their tasty supper of bangers & mash. General Lodge was on a highly classified mission to return […]