The 3 Capitals Adventures to London, York and Edinburgh

The busy first week of the 3 Capitals began with visits to some of the most famous locations in the capital of England – The Tower of London, The British Museum and Covent Garden. Students got to know each other while exploring these must-see destinations and have been continuing to practice and improve their English skills ever since!

After taking in the sights of The Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, exhibits on Ancient Greece, Africa and much more at the British Museum and Covent Garden’s world famous street artists we travelled north to the fine city of York where we visited York Minster – the 2nd largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe!

From York we have continued our journey North, where we are currently enjoying the friendly Scottish hospitality in Edinburgh.  The students have experienced all of the weather conditions that Scotland has to offer in just 3 days – braving the rain and wind to climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat – a  mountain just outside of the city centre with breathtaking views of the nearby city and surrounding area.

We have also visited Edinburgh Castle and will continue to spend more free time in the wonderful, historic city of Edinburgh experiencing all that it has to offer during the exciting Fringe Festival period!

As well as lessons and excursions the students have participated well in a range of evening activities that have included a treasure hunt, bridge building exercise, sports and more to come. The team work and communication between the students has been great and we look forward to what the 2nd week of the Three Capital’s trip will bring!

Keep up the good work 3 Caps!