The Arts, Shakespeare and Gender Bias

On the Academic side of things, the Oxford Advanced Studies Program students have continued to thrive. Each student attends two tutorial each morning, as well as working for an hour long study period before lunch every day. Subjects range from law and business to the arts and literature. The students are working hard to complete the essays set them by their tutors to a high standard.

The workshops further build on the skills taught in the tutorials. Entrepreneurship strengthens key business skills, whilst debating and drama have both seen their students grow in confidence and ability across the sessions. Our trip last week to see Romeo and Juliet at the Castle in oxford particularly interested those attending the Shakespeare module, and gave the whole group an insight into the best that British theatre has to offer.

Last week’s masterclass encouraged the students to look not only at their current lives, but also ahead to the working world which they will be part of in not-too-many years. Our very own center manager, Mr. Nick,  ran a fascinating masterclass on Gender Bias.