Ascot, Football & Mocktails at Brasenose!

On a sunny Friday evening the Bucksmore students at Brasenose College had the opportunity to witness some of the greatest aspects of British life all rolled into one night: pretty ponies, football fanaticism and delightfully exotic drinks! Since most of our students are caught up in the World cup fever they had no trouble going down to our underground lair to witness the game and place their Bucksmore bucks on odds set by our magnificently dressed team of book keepers. Of course, not all people are obsessed with their countries dream of being the world cup winner, and so they came instead to try out our very own ascot here at Brasenose!



Here horses were lined up and the students took turns in winding up their ponies to the end of the track in order to be the winner. Of course many a bet was placed upon this activity and much like the real ascot we had several winners by half time! This set of Bucksmore bucks winnings was essential as they could then visit our very own Mocktail bar and purchase come of our exotic and well prepared drinks, full of flavour and flare. Since this was a formal Friday event, all our students dressed up splendidly to the occasion and came in wonderful dresses and incredibly smart suits. It really did feel like it was Ascot.



By the end of the activity we had many winners and happy thinkers, who then followed on to join our resident DJ Counsellor Missy G who brought all the latest and greatest songs in our Underground Cave Rave, which was only put to a stop after many minutes of negotiating over the last song for the night.