Plumpton Juniors love Brighton and a Bucky Carnival!

The Junior Programme at Plumpton went to Brighton and they had a busy day!

To start the day off, The Juniors all went to Sea Life, the aquarium at Brighton, where they all touched sea anemones and walked through an underwater shark tunnel, where they could look all around and see the sea creatures swimming overhead.

Afterwards, they then headed off to Laser Quest, where everyone had a blast. The Red team were victorious, with the Yellow team in second and the Blue team in a close third place.

The fun didn’t end there! After a short break for lunch, all the Juniors went shopping in Churchill Square. To finish off their lovely day in the sun, they went to Brighton Pier to go on some rides and play in the arcade.

They all had a fantastic time in Brighton and came back with our hands full of prizes from Brighton Pier.

After they got back, it was straight to the Bucky Carnival!

The counsellors had set up many different games and fun activities for the students to play! It included a ‘Coconut shy’ style game- with a twist! Each tin had a Counsellors face attached! There was also apple bobbing, face painting, and a Chubby Bunny competition!

Chubby Bunny is a game where students must full their cheeks with marshmallows- and yet still be able to say ‘chubby bunny’- the student who had the most marshmallows in their mouth and correctly reciting ‘chubby bunny’ is the winner!


The students all thoroughly enjoyed the Bucky Carnival, and we had the stunning weather to make it even more realistic.