Bristol Escape Rooms & Inflatable Fun!

On Wednesday afternoon, Bucksmore OASP students travelled to Bristol to put both their brains and bodies to the test. On arrival, the group of sixty was divided into two. One group arranged themselves into teams of ten, and each team was then locked in one of City Mazes’ famous EscapeRooms. Teams had just one hour to find their way out, using the clues and codes hidden on the walls and floors, before they were trapped forever…

Unwilling to let the students have all the fun, the counsellors also clubbed together to break out of the most challenging escape room. They managed with just five minutes to spare, which was lucky, because it would have been tricky to run the rest of the course six staff members down.


Meanwhile, the second group split up into four roughly equal teams for ‘It’s A Knockout!’, a race around a giant inflatable obstacle course. The competition was fierce, and there was a lot of cheering and encouragement all round. Unsurprisingly, the counsellors got a little bit too competitive and a men vs women staff race was arranged. Also unsurprisingly, the women won very convincingly.

The students competed in two further challenges. First, a member from each of two teams was strapped into a harness connected to a long piece of elastic. The two students then had to run forward on an inflatable track as fast they could, placing their team’s marker as far along as they could manage, before the elastic sent them flying backwards.

Second, the two teams positioned themselves either side of a giant inflatable wall. A one minute timer was set, and each team had to throw sponges over to the other side. Whichever team had the fewest sponges at the end of the minute was victorious.

After everyone had attempted both the Escape Rooms and It’s a Knock Out, the students returned to Oxford. The coach journey back featured an impromptu musical quiz, organised by Miss Georgina who, it must be said, sang beautifully on the microphone.