Top Tips for Young Film Makers

For all young film makers en herbe, there are most definitely some rules to follow if you want to achieve the cool, almost hipster-ish film noir vibe (unless your style is more rom-com than drama, of course.) Before you get to this stage however, it is important to implement some very basic techniques in your film making. Check out our below tips, which should help any young film starter excel in the art!

Study and train: To ensure that you have the strongest base, it would be a tremendous idea to do a thorough course or even a degree in film or TV production. It is by no means necessary, but it will come in very handy when trying to acquire the necessary skills in the industry. Doing this will also help you establish industry contacts.

Try writing: Getting your creative juices flowing can help you envisage what the production might look like when it’s time for actually making your film. Try writing short films, scenes or developing treatments. This will give you a chance to learn the writing process and improve your screenwriting abilities.

Create short videos or films: There is no better way to learn than through direct, hands-on experience, even if you are working on a small project by yourself. You will have the opportunity of creating short films while studying; but if you’re not, you can directly learn how manage a small budget, secure locations and edit final footage.


Send it out: Who doesn’t ask, doesn’t get! And really, you have nothing to lose. Try sending your short films to film festivals, this is a great way to gain exposure and create a network while you’re at it. You will also get to participate in the event if you’re successful, and that’s great experience.

Experience, experience: Speaking of which, try and gain as much experience as you can, either as a production or an editing assistant. It is imperative to keep learning, but keep working on your style by creating your films on the side. Needless to say that low-budget independent films are always in search of writers or camera operators. Soak it all in!

Use the tools: Digital production tools are truly a godsend for young film makers. Short film making has never been so accessible and inexpensive for beginners. And learning how to produce a film from start to finish will prepare you for larger and more professional productions.

Lights, camera, action! Now that you have the most important tips you need to succeed, keep in mind that film making is truly about your personal style, so don’t be shy to let your creativity and personality shine through. Do start with the free tools available to you and eventually upgrade to more professional ones, once you gain some experience (and some earnings). Try to include your friends and other peers, they can give you a hand with setting up props, and can offer some suggestions with your script. Sometimes an outside view on things can be beneficial. For a great start, check out our Arts Experience course, an English language programme combined with performing arts.