The Most Instagram-able spots at Oxford University

Described as ‘the city of dreaming spires’ by the Victorian romantic poet, Matthew Arnold, and steeped in academic history, tradition and architechture, the many buildings of Oxford University provide the most perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed. Here is our compilation of what we think are the most Instagram-able spots at Oxford University…

  1. Keble College: One of the constituent colleges of Oxford University, Keble College is considered the largest by its number of rooms. Note the sultry neo-gothic, red brick building that once sparked controversy. There is also a more modern section that’s been added to Keble College, making for great Instagram backgrounds.
  2. St Hilda’s College: Another constituent of Oxford University, St.Hilda’s was founded in 1893 and boasts six major buildings – all stunning. The view right by the River Cherwell is to die for if you are looking for something more pastoral. A bit more modern than other colleges, it is definitely worth it to get a good snap of the Jacqueline du Pre Music building, especially inside where the ceiling is a work of hildas college oxford university
  3. Christ Church Cathedral: Built between 1160 and 1200, this cathedral doubles up as a college chapel is unique in the Church of England. The main focus was the pilgrimage from the 12th to the 16th century, influencing most of the features that we can still see today. The cloisters and the stained glass windows are exceptionally breath-taking. Christchurch College Oxford University
  4. Sheldonian Theatre: Built from 1664 to 1669, the Sheldonian Theatre was created to be used only for graduations and other degree ceremonies. The interior of the theatre is classically beautiful, but a few nice features to note are the ceiling fresco, freshly restored and the upper portion of the main façade, especially in the setting sun. sheldonian theatre oxford
  5. Brasenose College: Officially named The King’s Hall and College of Brasenose, its lovely main building dates back to 1509. A bit spooky and maybe perfect for your next Halloween snap, the chapel cloister was for a time the college burial ground, not to mention that it is quite pleasing to the eye…Brasenose college oxford
  6. Pembroke College: This one is a 17th and 18th century beauty. The entrance to Pembroke College has this old castle feel, and you may feel like you are a knight entering the King’s royal main hall. Don’t forget that Pembroke College was also previously home to a very valuable Francis Bacon painting! Taking a snap of Tom Tower will also guarantee those sought-after little red hearts.

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