Top 6 Study Tips to be More Productive in 2018

So, exam time is fast approaching and the stress building up. You are not sure how you are going to crunch all that information in and you are running out of time. Does anyone really need to remember the year of the first Crusade anyway? Take a deep breath and check out these top 6 study tips we have put together, which should help you to be more productive in 2018!

  1. Feed your brain with the right food: There are many healthy foods out there that can help your brain with memory and concentration. Build up on these super powers with super foods like avocado, blueberries, coconut oil and dark chocolate. These will not only boost your focus, but they will also keep stress levels down and reduce any chances of inflammation caused by stress.
  2. Take regular breaks: Many benefits are correlated to taking regular breaks while you’re studying – especially if you’re looking at a screen. Doing so will help in increasing your focus, productivity and the overall quality of your work. Taking a breather can also help physically, a good stretch (and resting your eyes) will make going back to studying that much more pleasant!
  3. Do test yourself: This is a proven and effective way to better learning. Create some mock test questions and set a timer to replicate an exam situation. Students who self-test, as a study tool, earn high marks when it’s time to sit for the real thing. This is also a great way to train your memory in remembering the tricky facts and to have the upper hand on the details when the time comes.
  4. Try group studying: Another great effective tip is studying with other people. This allows you to interact with students who are in the same situation as you and can help in understanding the course material through each person’s view. As well as improving your notes, having a support system, and sharing talents, this is a fun way of learning and you will probably make some new friends as well.
  5. Play some music: There are numerous benefits to playing music before going straight into a task. This improves attention and memory. However, listening to music while you’re studying will depend on how well you, as an individual, concentrate with music one. It can be distracting for some, while it helps others be very productive. Test it out for yourself and maybe you’ll have a winner there.
  6. Stay offline for a bit: We know it’s hard, but staying away from all the digital distractions such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, can be very helpful while you’re studying. Try to cut off your internet completely for a set amount of time, and ask someone to keep your mobile away. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be when your phone is not buzzing every second!

When all else fails, you can try studying in super bright lights or even try some apps tailored to help you with productivity (that would defeat our tip number six though!). We all know how hard it can be to stay focused sometimes, so here at Bucksmore Education we created a unique immersive home tuition programme where you can live and learn in the home of an experienced and qualified teacher. Click here to find out more about the Homelingua experience.

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