The Most Instagram-able Places in London

We must be kidding you, right? Everywhere in London is Instagram-able you say? Yes quite possible, but there are definitely some places more picture-worthy than others, and we have nicely boiled them down to our little list here. Read on to find one which ones made the list, and then get your camera ready. You can thank us later.

Westminster Abbey: On the orders of King Henry III, the construction of Westminster Abbey began in 1245. The abbey is where all monarchs are crowned, as per tradition. The building itself is mainly Gothic, which carries all that Middle Ages charm you want for your vintage Instagram photograph!

Tower of London: Classic, unmissable, iconic medieval castle housing the Crown Jewels, the Tower of London is a wonder. Day or night, misty or sunny weather, the sinister feeling of “ye olde” and Anne Boleyn’s ghost will creep upon you. The imposing bricks and structure of the once fort should appeal to our Instagrammers who have a love for classic British history. And rolling heads.

The London Eye: The most popular Ferris wheel in England, the London Eye is a proud landmark for all Londoners. An enormous structure that used to be the tallest wheel in the world, your best Instagram pics happen when you are way up there overlooking lovely London. Get a few good snaps because you won’t be believing your eyes.

Hyde Park: If you’re researching nature and calm, then Hyde Park is where you want to head to for your ducks and ponds inspired photos. Plenty of quiet places to relax and unwind, Hyde Park has some great looking trees and lots of bird watching if that’s your thing!

Big Ben: Probably the classic go-to for anyone who want to see a quintessential London, the Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell and is a London iconic timepiece. The best time to catch the Big Ben in all its glory is when the sun has just risen, and you can get some lovely water effect from the Thames from Lambeth Bridge.

Piccadilly Circus: If you want to be awed by any road junction in London, it has to be Piccadilly Circus. The public space of London’s West End is a pretty sight in the evening, with all the lights and screen going into full mode. The video displays and neon lights will make for some pretty cool, modern Insta-snaps.

Oxford Street: Time to get your shopping on? Then take your very fashionable self to Oxford Street, where all your shopping dreams are made of. When you get to Marble Arch, make sure to get your imperious-looking photograph there, it is quite grand! With approximately 300 shops and more, and around half a million daily visitors, Oxford Street will make for excellent live photos.

Buckingham Palace: Not that you need to go and see the palace itself, though it is something, the Changing of the Guard ceremony is what we think would make the most gorgeous Instagram photos. It is quite a sight and the Guards all look very dashing and meticulous in their pristine uniforms. We can guarantee that you will incur envy from all the other Instagrammers!

There are a zillion other places in London that are Instagram-able, the city is full of those charming nooks and crannies. Go forth and explore, and while you’re at it, check out our Bucksmore King’s College, London programme here!