Oxford tutors impressed with the OASP students

Our impressive 2016 Bucksmore OASP students settled in quickly and happily. The students have been remarkably committed, diligent and courteous in their handling of the programme. The staff have all commented on this with the Oxford tutors being encouraged by the depth of knowledge and understanding that they are encountering. The first week has been a thoroughly happy one, and there has been an overwhelming expression of interest in the entire programme. hanna Forss wrote in one of our Creative Writing workshops: ‘The courses are very interesting. They are extremely intense and we really learn a lot. Even though a large amount of work is demanded, it is still fun, and I am always happy to go to the lessons. The teachers are really experienced and passionate about their subjects, a passion which they share with us students. The workshops are a lot of fun as well; they are more relaxed and really enjoyable.’