Bucksmore President Election

Our Bucksmore Cambridge students have run a very successful campaign to elect their president. All students have been learning to support their arguments and ideas in their lessons over the last week in debates and long discussions. Very creative and hopeful political parties have been the result of such intense negotiations.

Corpus Christi College has been the perfect scenario for all the propaganda and manifestos our students designed. We have seen very interesting posters and leaflets displaying our students’ artistic skills. All students have learned to work as a team, broadened their negotiation skills as well as their communicative strategies to reach an agreement and finally stand for the election with really interesting proposals.

The presidential poll took place last Saturday. Our students took the challenge of giving their speeches in public and cleverly used their rhetorical skills in English to present clear ideas and demonstrate why they should be voted. Some students sang their manifesto while a big crowd was dancing to a popular tune.

Our newly elected President and Vice-President will enjoy first row seats in their Graduation Ceremony… but this week they have to live up to the expectations!

Don’t miss out on the learning and discovery happening in Corpus Christi Cambridge!