King Edward’s learns and elects

After all the hopping, jumping, betting and super pieing Bucksmore students here at King Edward’s were more than ready to start their classes on Friday. And oh, what a sweet start it was! Jelly Babies, Smarties, Nerds and Brain Lickers all seemed to enjoy learning about eating habits, British accents, neologisms learning styles and shopping […]

King Edward’s jumps around and throws pies!

So it’s back to the business of running the best summer camp in Britain here at Bucky King Ed’s and we are off to a flier or should I say a jumper! Lot’s of happy, smiley, sweaty faces to be seen at Guildford’s AirHop were we spent 2 energy-zagging hours on our first full afternoon. […]

King Ed’s trip to Guildford

This afternoon as part of their lazy Tuesday, the students at kind Eds enjoyed a trip to Guildford. To begin with, groups competed to get as many of the obscure requirements for the photo challenge as possible. From tree hugging to buying biscuits in Sainsbury’s and fitting their whole group into a telephone box. The students […]

Trash Fashion with King Eds

In the Trash Fashion challenge, The students teamed up into groups and had to create two outfits to show on the runway at the end of the activity. But that wasn’t everything – in order to get materials, they had to do small challenges, such as star jumps, push ups or singing songs!   The […]

Water Fight at King Ed’s!

Last week, out students and staff at King Eds Bucksmore camp all got involved in a huuuge water fight! All students teamed up to compete in the challenge, the aim being to get the other teams the most soaked through! They had to do this by racing to the water bucket when their number was called […]

Bouncing off the walls with the Juniors!

On Wednesday, our lucky Juniors at King Eds got to go trampolining! Anticipation filled the bus as we pulled up to Airhop, in Guildford. Once all the students had got their socks, it was over to the safety video to tell them what not to do (Safety first!) and then they had freedom to roam, […]

King Ed’s first trip to Brighton!

Here at King Eds, we chose one of the best days of the year weatherwise for our day out in Brighton! We had a lovely drive down, the children on the coaches buzzing with excitement. Off the coach we got, and straight onto the beach! On the beach, we ran a competition to see if […]

Welcome to the students at Bucksmore King Eds!

It’s so great to be back at Bucksmore 2018, it’s bigger and better than ever! This year, on our first day we welcomed 96 new students, our biggest year yet here at King Ed’s. The weather was and has been fantastic this week, we could not have been luckier, with the sun shining each day! […]

In retrospective

As I’m writing these lines, some of our students are already gone, some are still waiting for their transfer to arrive. The last four weeks have been very intense but at the same time immensely fun. We’ve done so much, we’ve visited so many places, we’ve made so many new friends, it’s difficult to pick […]