King Ed’s Fantastic Fete

Welcome to what is nearly the end of our wonderful adventures here in Buckyland! To close off the week the kids took part in a fantastic summer fete organised by the teachers. Just look at the power in those arms! And check out these hoop throwing skills, one day we might be able to catch […]

King Edward’s Brilliant Boot Camp

Last was a big night for us here in Buckyland as we had a visit from US General S.T Lodge.   Along with his band of crack commandos who had parachuted into King Ed’s, just as the kids were finishing their tasty supper of bangers & mash. General Lodge was on a highly classified mission to return […]

King Edward’s World of Adventures!

My word, I’m exhausted just thinking about this Bucky Blog never mind actually reading about what we have been up to over the last two days. Following a good Bucky breakfast ( my dream breakfast at any rate! ) the kids couldn’t wait to get their stomachs doing somersaults at ………… …Chessington’s World of Misadventures! […]

King Ed’s swoops down to the beach!

As ever it’s been, and is continuing to be, an action packed week here in Buckyland. I’m gonna tell you about just 2 of the things we’ve been up to as your head would explode with info overload if I were to tell you everything! We’ve had the Guildford challenge in which our kids have […]

The Bucksmore wedding marches on!

Yesterday marked the occurrence of perhaps the most beautiful event in Bucksmore’s history thus far. That event was of course the highly anticipated Bucksmore wedding right here in the beautiful King Edward’s School. As the students woke up for breakfast, the wedding was the hot topic of the day, both the staff and students knew […]

King Ed’s has an egg-cellent time!

We here in Buckyland  have had a crazy busy first week whilst you guys have been getting BORED! Thursday 11/07 was a day trip to Brighton Sea Life Centre, lunch on the beach and then a touch of shopping to buy those obligatory souvenirs for Mum & Dad. The heavens blessed us with wonderful weather […]

King Edward’s learns and elects

After all the hopping, jumping, betting and super pieing Bucksmore students here at King Edward’s were more than ready to start their classes on Friday. And oh, what a sweet start it was! Jelly Babies, Smarties, Nerds and Brain Lickers all seemed to enjoy learning about eating habits, British accents, neologisms learning styles and shopping […]

King Edward’s jumps around and throws pies!

So it’s back to the business of running the best summer camp in Britain here at Bucky King Ed’s and we are off to a flier or should I say a jumper! Lot’s of happy, smiley, sweaty faces to be seen at Guildford’s AirHop were we spent 2 energy-zagging hours on our first full afternoon. […]

King Ed’s trip to Guildford

This afternoon as part of their lazy Tuesday, the students at kind Eds enjoyed a trip to Guildford. To begin with, groups competed to get as many of the obscure requirements for the photo challenge as possible. From tree hugging to buying biscuits in Sainsbury’s and fitting their whole group into a telephone box. The students […]

Trash Fashion with King Eds

In the Trash Fashion challenge, The students teamed up into groups and had to create two outfits to show on the runway at the end of the activity. But that wasn’t everything – in order to get materials, they had to do small challenges, such as star jumps, push ups or singing songs!   The […]