One group travel around all of London’s football stadiums!

Hello everyone! I’m Jerry from China, a student at King’s College London and a keen football fan, whose favourite club is Tottenham Hotspur. On our “lazy” Tuesday (24th July 2018), Me and my group of Bucksmore friends visited five football stadiums here in London.   First of all, We went to Stamford Bridge, the home […]

Kings College explore the London sights

We have reached week 4, our final week here at Bucksmore London. After 4 weeks of surprisingly wonderful English weather, tube journeys and London based activities we are edging ever closer to graduation day and the tearful goodbyes on Tuesday. Fortunately, we have a fun packed activity programme to cheer us up. Yesterday we made […]

Catwalk Crazy with Kings College London’s Fashion Show!

The students who have arrived this week are in luck as they have friends who have already been with us for 2 weeks. Getting the inside knowledge from somebody who has ‘’survived’’ with us may be valuable. The students know the school, accommodation, in our immediate vicinity as the back of their hand and share […]

Kings College has a day at the beach!

Today we hopped on board the ever-reliable Thameslink and ventured outside our urban dwelling for a traditional day at the Seaside in Brighton. Brighton is a beautiful seaside town famous for its pebble beach and Brighton Pier, an area with amusement arcades and attractions.   We started the day at the West Pier where we […]

Kings College students view London by boat!

    Week 3 has begun and the sun is still shining here at Bucksmore London. The faces have changed but the smiles are still as dazzling. After a busy first day adapting to their new home, getting to know roommates, trying the college cuisine and starting classes we decided to make the most out […]

Thoughts from a Student at Kings College London

It’s been a week and a half since I first arrived at Bucksmore London. I’ve really enjoyed the time that I’ve spent here at Kings College. I am a student on the LASP program (London Advanced Studies Program) and I think it’s really helping me to get prepared for next year’s courses. I’m studying 2 […]

Casino Night at Kings College London

No sooner have our students settled in, unpacked their suitcases, located the closest supermarkets for their late night sugar fixes and formed fast friendships than it’s nearly time to return home. However, before they leave week 2 has provided our students with more sightseeing and photo opportunities. After a much-needed rest on Lazy Tuesday, with […]

Kings College students campaign to be President!

Off we go! The Bucksmore London Centre welcomed its students last Tuesday. So many things have happened so far. Today is Monday – the end of Week 1 already! We started on Wednesday with placement testing and getting to know one another and the school as well. At first glance, King’s College may seem like […]

The first week at Kings College London!

It’s been a fun packed and a busy first week here at Kings College London. As our lovely students have navigated their way between buildings, the busy streets of London and classrooms, they’ve also managed to fit in shopping trips, walking tours, a theme park, viewing England’s victory in the quarter-final against Sweden and some […]

Our last week at King’s College

Sadly the last week at King’s College came rather fast and our students had to face just one last project and mini project. We thought it could be more fun for them to work on a task which they would be more familiar with, in some sense at least. Computer games were nominated as a […]