Brasenose Student Nishant’s Academic Experience

My name is Nishant Paresh Mamtora. I am currently attending Brasenose College through Bucksmore Education. I am studying Economics and Politics and International Relations. The course outline of both of my subjects that I am currently studying is very diverse and broad. It helps me develop my thinking skills and course knowledge immensely. My tutors […]

Brasenose Student Caroline’s History of Art Academics

I’m Caroline Zinneha. My experience at Bucksmore has been amazing. The teachers are very professional. The lessons and the workshops are going very well. I’m taking History of Art class. I have been always curious about the subject itself but I didn’t get the chance to learn it. So when I saw it on Bucksmore’s […]

Brasenose ASP Academics from a Student’s Perspective

A typical weekday on our Oxford Advanced Studies Program starts with tutor lessons. Each student has two classes of their choice and there are 14 subjects to choose from in the Oxford program. This rich variety of choices made it difficult for me to pick only two, since all of them sounded very interesting. One […]

Brasenose ASP Students Visit Bath

One of the many, and arguably most popular, excursions that the Bucksmore ASP Programme runs at Brasenose college is a day trip to the historical city of Bath. After a morning of challenging classes, the students can spend the afternoon exploring the stunning architecture of the Roman baths and the picturesque landscape of the city […]

Brasenose Students visit the West End

During the Bucksmore ASP Programme at Brasenose College, we have many trips around the South of England. One of the particularly popular excursions is a trip to the museums in London and the theatre. This trip is during the week and allows the students to finish off their morning lectures for a welcome break in […]

Brasenose ASP Students develop in Workshops

At our Brasenose centre, as part of the students’ academic program, they took part in a workshop of their choice. These workshops were either focused on Debating, Journalism, Entrepreneurship, Film Studies and Drama and consisted of 3 hours, 3 times within the space of 2 weeks. Debating was one of the most popular workshops possibly […]

Whistle Stop Tour of London for Brasenose Students

Setting off from Oxford in the early afternoon, Bucksmore Advanced Studies Programme (ASP) students were whisked away to the busy, bustling streets of London. The first stop was the Tate Modern, an art museum housed in the enormous empty shell of a former power station. Our enthusiastic Bucksmore scholars were set loose to explore the […]

Bristol Escape Rooms & Inflatable Fun!

On Wednesday afternoon, Bucksmore OASP students travelled to Bristol to put both their brains and bodies to the test. On arrival, the group of sixty was divided into two. One group arranged themselves into teams of ten, and each team was then locked in one of City Mazes’ famous EscapeRooms. Teams had just one hour […]

T-Shirt Decorating!

In the first half of the Oxford Advanced Studies Programme at Brasenose College, activities took a turn for the creative as students decorated t-shirts! Well equipped with plain white t-shirts and an array of colourful clothes pens, the students were set to work on their masterpieces in the making. With the World Cup drawing quickly […]