St Hilda’s Students Create Video Games

The academic program that we did in week 5 was really exciting. It all started with a placement test, induction and assessment lesson on Wednesday morning. We got to know each other through different fun and educational games, like ‘Kaboom’ or ‘Guess the fact’. We also introduced ourselves with newly-arrived story cubes! On Thursday before […]

A Week Filled with Projects at St Hilda’s

The academic week for St Hilda’s students started on Wednesday with our newcomers taking placement tests while the students who have been with us for some time delved more deeply into English grammar, vocabulary and all the ways to use them in practice. On Thursday, the students researched all about the London Eye and wrote […]

Bowling Championship, London, and Music Bingo at St Hilda’s

This week at the amazingly awesome centre that is St Hilda’s, students have enjoyed a variety of activities and excursions. The week started with a super fun Music Bingo – most points won by the Brazilian team! On Wednesday after a lovely barbecue by the river at the college students set off to Hollywood Bowl […]

St Hilda’s Tour Oxford and London

It has been an action-packed week here at Bucksmore St. Hilda’s Oxford. Later that day, the marquee rocked to the beats of the Bucksmore Battle of the Bands. On-fleek choreography and eye-catching poster design complemented artists performing a wide variety of genres, with personalized covers of everything from ABBA to Ylvis (‘What Does the Fox […]

St Hilda’s Fun Filled Week of Activities

It has been an action-packed week here at Bucksmore St. Hilda’s Oxford. On Sunday 14th July, whilst the first set of students did their Bucksmore Assessment, those staying published ‘The Bucksmore Chronicle’ newspaper, with features ranging from hard-hitting journalism investigating infractions of the rules to travel, fashion, food studies and puzzles to a satirically cutting […]

Adventurous Week for St Hilda’s!

This week at St Hilda’s was really energetic and filled with great activities. On Wednesday our students went to an aquapark to spend enjoyable moments playing on gigantic, inflatables water slides. First, they were trained by the lifeguards how to have fun safely and how to avoid any unnecessary risk and then –  they had a […]

St Hilda’s First Week of Academics

The first day of the academic week at St. Hilda’s started on Wednesday morning with the students sitting for their placement tests. In the next two lessons they had the opportunity to engage in conversation with their peers in a variety of get-to-know you tasks. On Thursday, the students were placed in their classes. They […]

St Hilda’s Students have fun on Week One!

Hello from St Hilda’s Bucksmore students – the Loughborough group to be precise. We would like to share about the activities from the first week of our stay as we obviously had the time of our lives. Last Tuesday we arrived in Oxford where we were greeted by a group of really lovely counsellors who […]