d’Overbroeck’s Final Week of Lessons!

Here we are: our last week at Bucksmore! As a teacher, I was afraid that our lovely students won’t have much fuel left and we can rely on solar power only. But in fact fun lessons can activate all the hidden reserves of energy, so we, teachers, could meet our students at the crossroads and […]

Week 3 Activities at d’Overbroeck’s!

On Tuesday, remaining students had the chance to enjoy their free time discovering Oxford. After our new students arrived and registered they were asked to form groups in order to participate in a Talent Show Competition which took place the following evening. So, on Wednesday evening we were delighted to enjoy astonishing performances such as […]

Week Two at d’ Overbroecks Went by in a Flash!

On Tuesday while our staff were welcoming and accommodating the new students, most of our students were excited to go and watch the new Spider-man movie. The more active students that felt like spending their day outdoors had the chance to do some sports and enjoy the lovely Oxford countryside. Once all our new students […]

8 Very Specific New Skills at d’Overbroeck’s

The skill set professionals require is anything but constant. At d’Overbroeck’s the Young Professionals programme takes this into account. Students have been learning not just from tutors, counsellors or presenters, but even more so from each other. Moreover, it is amazing how much our counsellors and tutors managed to pick up from the way students […]

Project Pitch by d’Overbroeck’s Business and Finance Students

At d’Overbroeck’s Young Professionals we study English and special subjects. We have Performing Arts, Business and Finance, Media and Communication, Medicine and Engineering. In addition to our theoretical and practical lessons we also go on study in action days: excursions to special places that are related to our subjects. We also have time during the […]

d’Overbroeck’s- 3 Cities, 1 Week!

It’s been a packed week at d’Overbroeck’s! After Tuesday arrivals, our students got to know Oxford with a spooky active-participation Ghost Walk (with lots of time for shopping afterwards). On Thursday, our Engineers and Medics went to Birmingham ThinkTank for a workshop on cell structure and lego mechanics. One of our students was the first […]

d’Overbroeck’s Young Professionals Begin their Academics

The first week is almost over in Bucksmore Young Professionals Summer School at D’Overbroecks in lovely Oxford and it looks like our students are already having the time of their lives. Arrivals day has been as lively and rewarding as expected with our 118 students arriving from forty different countries from around the world. Campus […]

Young Medics at d’Overbroeck’s

Our young medics here at D’overbroecks have been working extremely hard. During the EFL lessons, students have been discussing a range of issues such as how to deal with a struggling British healthcare system. Every week students have presented to the rest of the school on areas they have been working hard on with Ms […]

d’Overbroeck’s Hardworking Engineers !

A thunderous start to the Engineering course with whirls, turns and loops the loops after our workshop on the Zodiac ride at Thorpe Park from a member of the Thorpe Park educational team.  Though the talk was provided with lightening aplomb it was nothing to compare to the fast track queue to the Zodiac experience […]

Brighton – d’Overbroeck’s Day Out!

On our trip to Brighton we saw the students of d’Overbroeck’s venture out of the historic city of Oxford for a successful day out at the seaside. Brighton is a bustling cosmopolitan city, popular for its vibrant shops situated by a glorious pebble beach. Upon arrival at the sunny Brighton Pier, we began the trip […]