Plumpton battles it out in teams!

As the new arrivals joined us on Tuesday, it was time for everyone to show what true competitive spirits Plumpton had in its blood. First the students had to build human pyramids, the activity was a careful balancing act that required a mastermind with physics knowledge to work out which person was best suited for […]

Plumpton goes to London! Take 2!

If it’s a Thursday @Plumpton, then it’s a full-day trip in magnificent London! Our cultural tour of the city started with Trafalgar Square, one of the most vibrant spaces located at the heart of the city. We took photos of Nelson’s column but also enjoyed a bit of music and art from the talented street […]

Plumpton dives deep into the realms of history!

On Thursday, Bucksmore Plumpton went to London during a staggering heatwave. Lucky for us, our plan was to visit the amazing Natural History Museum. Once we arrived, students were immediately impressed by the architectural wonder that is the Museum, with its gargoyles and animal carvings covering its walls. It’s quite impressive to have such a […]

Plumpton’s Cinematic Adventure

On Wednesday Plumpton decided to escape the heat by heading to the cinema! The students were presented with the choice of watching Spiderman or Lion King to suit different tastes. The students immediately found the popcorn stand and before you knew it, there was no more popcorn. As they queued outside the cinema, the tension […]

Plumpton goes to Hever Castle

Shadowy ruins speak pompously of the light of forgotten days. Saturday was a bustling day for the students of Bucksmore at Plumpton. They had a full-day trip to Hever Castle. Hever Castle provided the students with a vicarious experience with 700 years of history and award-winning romantic gardens. Hever Castle was once the childhood home […]

Plumpton gets a bird’s eye view of London

Thursday was buzzing for our students in Plumpton as we had a full-day trip to London. We had a bit of a gloomy start and rainy clouds but the sun shined again when our bus dropped us off at the meeting point, right in the heart of the city. The first spot on our list? […]

Plumpton Students ride and shine

Ready for a thrill ride? Plumpton was up for the challenge! On Saturday morning we took over one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe: Thorpe Park. Over 30 rides and attractions were waiting for us. There was a bit of everything for everyone. The thrill seekers took their chance with some of the fastest […]

Plumpton skates back into the 70s!

Today all of us went to an authentic, 70s roller skating disco. It was a lovely summer day, but the moment we entered the roller-disco the bright and warm sun was left outside and we were welcomed by the darkness and lights of a proper 70’s dancefloor. Some students just stormed directly onto the dancefloor […]

Plumpton students in awe of Windsor beauty

On a beautiful and sunny Saturday, Plumpton students went to Windsor a town on the River Thames in southeast England, west of London where we visited Windsor Castle which is known to be a residence of the British Royal Family. The Children were happily engaged and mesmerised by the variety of opulent furnishing and paintings […]

Plumpton Juniors become London experts

On Tuesday our Junior program went on a trip to London for a royalty tour and even managed go on the London Eye! The trip began with a walk around Trafalgar Square with lots of photo opportunities, the students then went on to walk up the Mall towards Buckingham palace. Before getting there they all […]