Plumpton make a splash!

After a summer of fun-filled excursions across the south-east of England it was time for the final offside adventure from Plumpton. A strong case could be made for saving the best for last as a fantastic day was enjoyed by all. There was a real family feel on board the bus to Windsor, as the […]

Plumpton final week!

The bus set off from Plumpton College as the rain beat against the window.  The 29 students and 4 counsellors were filled with joy for today was the day that Bucksmore went to London. Facts were flying as festivities kicked off with a fun-filled walking tour past some of the capital’s greatest spots.  From Downing […]

Plumpton students head to Hastings

Today was a lovely, sunny day in Hastings and the students had a wonderful time! Once we arrived we headed straight for the beach to enjoy the bright sun and the cool water. Most of the students enjoyed their time at the beach playing in the water and having water fights. Others preferred to play […]

Plumpton reaches new heights

Today Plumpton students discovered the fabulous city of London from an entirely new view, from the soaring heights of the London Eye! The London Eye is one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world and offers spectacular views of our nation’s capital! There were plenty of selfie opportunities on this trip, which the students […]

Tower of London exploration with Plumpton

Thursday is one of our favourite days in Plumpton because it’s a trip day! This week our adventurous students went to discover the charms and mysteries of the Tower of London. This magnificent stone fortress is located on the banks of the river Thames and it dates back to the 1070s. We departed early in […]

Farmyard Olympics at Plumpton College!

It’s the start of a new week at Plumpton College, and after a busy morning placement testing, our students got the chance to unwind and show off their skills on a half-day excursion to the bowling alley! Some of the kids have clearly been practising at home, as there were quite a few strikes! It […]

Zombie Apocalypse in Plumpton!

  Saturday was a dark day for Plumpton. A zombie virus broke out infecting the kids and making them do tonnes of fun activities. Oh, the horror!! Our survivors set out on this action-packed activity finding safe zones where they could flee from the living dead. At each safe zone, the kids quickly worked out that […]

Plumpton students visit Hever Castle

Our 78 Plumpton students have woken up to another sunny day in southern England, and what better way to spend the summer day than visiting the wonderful Hever Castle and its magnificent gardens. The 700-year-old Castle, which we had the pleasure of getting acquainted with, was once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, mother of […]

Plumpton visit the Science Museum, London

Bucksmore Plumpton descended on London last Thursday, excited to spend some time in Hyde Park and visit Kensington Palace. Making the most of this year’s scorching heat wave, the kids were excited to relax and chill out in the welcoming shade of the park’s many trees and hang out for lunch before having a walk […]