Computer coding on tape

Computer coding history on tape

45 years ago, it was unusual to walk into a school and for there to be computer. Technology has advanced so rapidly that today it is becoming increasingly common for students to learn computer coding as part of even their school curriculum. The Bucksmore coding programme gives students an insight into computer coding where they will […]

Bucksmore computer programming

Computer coding replacing foreign languages?

The states have recently expressed a proposal for students to be given the opportunity to opt for computer science lessons instead of learning foreign languages. A controversial change in high school class requirements by the state’s would give students the opportunity to develop their programming skills in areas such as JavaScript and Python. With  vast technological […]

Astro Pi takes to the Sky!

Using the Raspberry Pi, an Astro Pi computer has been created! The Astro Pi has been launched into space this morning at 11:02 am with Briton Tim Peake. Taking the Astro Pi to the International Space Station (ISS) is one of the most exciting parts of his six month journey he mentioned. School aged students designing experiments for Tim to complete in space will […]