Tonbridge head to the Water Park!

This week at Tonbridge we decided that we needed some time to cool off after working hard in the classroom! What better way to clear your head after debating in the classrooms than to take a dip at the water park? After a short trip, we got into our swimming clothes and buoyancy aids and […]

Tonbridge Young Leaders stage Court

All students taking part in the Bucksmore Young Leaders programme have been thrilled since Law week was inaugurated last Thursday. As a start, students were encouraged to reflect on their knowledge of the courtroom and then had the opportunity to become familiar with the main dynamics, roles and duties of a typical day in court […]

Tonbridge Summer Fete

Summer Fete As another scorching day transitioned into a warm summer’s evening we gathered around to celebrate in the form of a summer fete. A summer fete is a staple of British tradition, a type of fair in which people can come along and enjoy entertainment, food and refreshments, especially in small towns and villages. […]

Let’s get down to business with the Young Leaders

This week on the Young Leaders Course, the students are hard at work preparing their business plans. The students started the day with an insightful case study on Uber. The case study was presented by the lovely Miss Emily,  and  provided the students with a good example of a shared economy business. Later on in the day, to […]

Capture the Flag Colour Wars at Tonbridge!

Students at Tonbridge participated in a colour war today! The aim was simple: guard your coveted objects in your base from other teams while trying to steal objects from the other team. We split into 5 teams; yellow, green, blue, red and white and then let the game commence. After a hesitant start with each […]

Young Leaders’ begin fixing global issues.

Bucksmore’s Young Leaders programme for students aged 13-16 is hosted by a prestigious independent boarding school; Tonbridge school. The programme takes place at this location for the first time this summer, 2018. So, I -one of the Counsellors-, was very excited to see the buildings and the surrounding area. The school has high-quality teaching facilities […]

Develop leadership, negotiating and public speaking skills

Leadership, debating and public speaking

Everyone keeps saying how important it is to develop your leadership, debating and public speaking skills, but why is this? Bucksmore Education focuses on these skills on our Young Leaders course due to the importance and influence they have on students achieving a sturdy and successful career.  Perseverance, commitment, planning, motivating and communication through active listening are all […]

Young Leaders Shortlisted For English Language ELTon Award

Bucksmore Young Leaders has been nominated in the category for ‘Innovation in Learner Resources’. After a number of months of anticipation since submitting an application in November 2014, the British Council released the shortlisted nominees on March 18th including Bucksmore Young Leaders. It is joined in ‘Innovation in Learner Resources’ nominations by Atama-ii Graded Reader […]