Tonbridge Young Leaders at the Zoo

As the Young Leaders course drew to a close at the Tonbridge centre, our penultimate excursion was a trip to London Zoo. Boarding the bus in sleepy Kent we arrived in the morning sun circling Regents Park. We fashioned an advanced viewing strategy to enhance our visit and staged a systematic and methodical approach to […]

Tonbridge delivers presentations like pros!

Monday the 22nd was a memorable day for all. The Young Leaders went on an enlightening trip to London. The trip began with an informative yet highly enjoyable, walking tour consisting of a visit to Tower Hill followed by a beautiful stroll in the sun along Tower Bridge, eventually ending up at Hay’s Galleria where […]

Tonbridge try their hand at Trash Fashion!

With the upcoming departure of our first group of the Young Leaders Summer Programme here in Bucksmore Education, the activity manager Mr Niels planned and set up the activity Trash Fashion, which allowed our students to transform their daily working space into a fashion arena. Creative thinking in combination with already practiced organizational and managerial […]

An evening of Calm Activities with Bucksmore in Tonbridge School

By popular demand from the students – who wanted calming activities to help them wind down from their demanding academic curriculum – counsellors put their heads together and used their talents to offer an evening of calm activities. Mr Ronan offered interpretative portrait painting, but with a humorous approach; Ms Tereza offered yoga outside – […]

Rebranding the future of museums: Young Leaders in the spotlight.

One week has passed since students on the Young Leaders programme arrived at Tonbridge School, and what a stupendous experience it has been so far. Games, activities, excursions, and above all project work! All students’ efforts have been focused on this week’s topic – business. Times change, and so do people’s perspectives, tastes and interests. […]

Tonbridge Boarding School Experience Students Experience London

This Saturday we went on a Politics and Royalty tour of London which, to all of our surprise, was more entertaining than it sounds! We visited numerous famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and London Eye which was even more glorious when we made ‘eye’contact with it as opposed to seeing pictures. We also walked […]

Bucksmore Tonbridge surrounded by knowledge

At Bucksmore Tonbridge the ball of the Business Week has just been set rolling, and our Young Leaders are already busy stocking up on succulent tidbits of knowledge that are sure to give them an edge over their peers back home. Against a breathtaking backdrop of Gothic arches and mediaeval architecture reminiscent of young wizards […]

Tonbridge head to the Water Park!

This week at Tonbridge we decided that we needed some time to cool off after working hard in the classroom! What better way to clear your head after debating in the classrooms than to take a dip at the water park? After a short trip, we got into our swimming clothes and buoyancy aids and […]

Tonbridge Young Leaders stage Court

All students taking part in the Bucksmore Young Leaders programme have been thrilled since Law week was inaugurated last Thursday. As a start, students were encouraged to reflect on their knowledge of the courtroom and then had the opportunity to become familiar with the main dynamics, roles and duties of a typical day in court […]