A night to remember at St Hilda’s

Stop the presses! From Egyptian Mummies to Newspaper Production, week 7 proved to be a whirlwind in St Hildas. A London excursion preview lesson gave students insight into England’s throbbing capital prior to their visit. Through research, the students were able to learn more about attractions such as  Westminster and the British Museum (including famous […]

St Hilda’s make the most of their final week

All good things must come to an end, and Week 6 at the St. Hilda’s campus was no exception. The week began with a graduation ceremony with awards being presented to leavers and t-shirts being signed amongst friends who would be returning to their respective countries the next day (*sniff* we’re not crying, you’re crying). […]

d’Overbroeck’s Final Week of Lessons!

Here we are: our last week at Bucksmore! As a teacher, I was afraid that our lovely students won’t have much fuel left and we can rely on solar power only. But in fact fun lessons can activate all the hidden reserves of energy, so we, teachers, could meet our students at the crossroads and […]

Magdalene Visit Ely Cathedral

One week into the Cambridge Advanced Studies Programme, we all headed out to nearby Ely, home to the iconic Ely Cathedral which dates back to 1083. Our previous excursions had taken us to the busy streets of London and Brighton, so Ely – a small cathedral city – presented a nice change, while still offering […]

Brasenose ASP Academics from a Student’s Perspective

A typical weekday on our Oxford Advanced Studies Program starts with tutor lessons. Each student has two classes of their choice and there are 14 subjects to choose from in the Oxford program. This rich variety of choices made it difficult for me to pick only two, since all of them sounded very interesting. One […]

Brasenose ASP Students Visit Bath

One of the many, and arguably most popular, excursions that the Bucksmore ASP Programme runs at Brasenose college is a day trip to the historical city of Bath. After a morning of challenging classes, the students can spend the afternoon exploring the stunning architecture of the Roman baths and the picturesque landscape of the city […]

d’Overbroeck’s Young Professionals Begin their Academics

The first week is almost over in Bucksmore Young Professionals Summer School at D’Overbroecks in lovely Oxford and it looks like our students are already having the time of their lives. Arrivals day has been as lively and rewarding as expected with our 118 students arriving from forty different countries from around the world. Campus […]

Plumpton Juniors love Brighton and a Bucky Carnival!

The Junior Programme at Plumpton went to Brighton and they had a busy day! To start the day off, The Juniors all went to Sea Life, the aquarium at Brighton, where they all touched sea anemones and walked through an underwater shark tunnel, where they could look all around and see the sea creatures swimming […]

Plumpton students visit London Zoo

Yesterday, our very lucky students here at Plumpton College got to go to London Zoo, the oldest scientific zoo in the world! Home to more than 750 different species and 17,480 individual animals.  All spread out over a whopping 36 acres of land. It was another hot day, with temperatures soaring to 29 degrees. The […]