Catwalk, casino & constellations

The OASP students of Bucksmore Brasenose have had an exciting week, demonstrating their creative flair and letting their hair down a little, alongside widening their scientific horizons.

The week’s activities kicked off with an exiting and hilarious trash fashion show. This entailed groups of students, each provided with a variety of materials from newspaper to balloons, crafting their own fashionable catwalk collections. Georgios looked particularly dashing in a unicorn-like getup, whilst Holly was channeling futuristic vibes with an impressive newspaper construction. Our winners, who received deafening applause from the whole group, looked fantastic in matching red and silver, tin-foil Sparta outfits.

Later in the week saw another chance for the students to get dressed up – though this time in their finest garments. Casino night was curated by a dedicated team of counsellors, who ran games from blackjack and poker to roulette and cheat. A few students managed to win an abundance of chips (though through luck or skill is debatable!), walking away with the top prize of afternoon tea for two at the beautiful Vaults café, which faces the Radcliffe Camera. Other students traded in their chips for Oxford hoodies, t-shirts, and a variety of other goodies! The James Bond-style suits and dresses of everyone at Casino night created an exciting air of anticipation, as students sipped cocktails they’d made themselves (non-alcoholic, of course!) and munched on freshly made pizza from our very own Italian Pizza Chef and van on-site.

As well as an exciting range of evening activities, the daily activities program has thrived this week. A trip to Greenwich provided the students with opportunity to experience a planetarium. Watching the stars in their orbit and considering the greater movements of the galaxy is enough to enthrall any budding scientist!

The students are excited for the last few events and activities of the week, including the upcoming formal dinner, where they will be able to celebrate all of their achievements with their friends in style.