Catwalk Crazy with Kings College London’s Fashion Show!

The students who have arrived this week are in luck as they have friends who have already been with us for 2 weeks. Getting the inside knowledge from somebody who has ‘’survived’’ with us may be valuable. The students know the school, accommodation, in our immediate vicinity as the back of their hand and share their experience with the newcomers.

We’ve given our students a bit of time to adjust but time flies super fast on such fun-packed holidays. On Thursday we introduced our students to a brand new project. Not everybody may be into fashion but let’s hope everybody’s into recycling.

Our Bucksmore London staff have been preparing for the project for a few days collecting newspapers, plastic bottles, paper cups, plastic cups, paper plates….. And now just look at the results: skirts, t-shirts, dresses, capes, trousers, various accessories and headwear made from the recycled materials.

Our students needed just a bit of creativity, a little dexterity, some imagination but a great deal of teamwork to design all these items. And the final outcome was astonishing!