Dining and Dancing at Bucksmore Magdalene!

As Bucksmore Magdalene headed into our final week, and the weather took a turn for the worse (although the sun is starting to re-emerge!), we focused on inside activities and goodbye celebrations.

After a lazy Sunday morning, we travelled to visit the beautiful cathedral city of Ely, the third longest cathedral in England. The exquisite and charming Gothic architecture took us back to Norman times, as we walked through the Lady Chapel and listened to the sweet sound of choir practise. With free time to explore the city, we discovered quaint bookshops and sweet shops where everyone enjoyed some pick ‘n’ mix (alas, counsellor Jenni’s pick’n’mix was picked up by a strong breeze, swept along the high street, and plummeted to the ground – it was as dramatic as it sounds!). We also visited Oliver Cromwell house, allowing us to experience what 17thcentury life was like and to learn about the controversial life of Cromwell.


The last of our masterclasses finished, students and staff donned their best formal wear and headed to Magdalene formal hall for a delicious and elegant dinner along with Bucksmore Corpus Christi. After a fantastic 3 course meal – complete with chocolate truffles at the end – we toasted to our time together, and Esteban made an inspirational speech on building bridges as a way of getting where you want to go. Many pictures and selfies in gowns later, we left to candlelit hall.


The next day we completed our workshops and, to celebrate, we put on our dancing shoes for the silent disco. With 3 channels of music, there was something for everyone! The dancers amongst us were showing off their best moves (the Macarena and Follow the Leader were crowd favourites!), while those of us with two left feet tried to keep up. Groans and yells of “encore” followed the final song, students and staff alike not wanting the fun-filled night to end.