Discovering New Horizons with Bucksmore Plumpton

The Earth is gone. Brave explorers at Plumpton need to use their skills to find a new planet which humanity can live on. Each group had to set out to find out about a different planet, discover its strengths and flaws, and then report these back to the rest of the students in enthusiastic presentation form!

This week we engaged in an exciting, brand new project: New Planet. After finding out the advantages and disadvantages of their discovery, the students then had to complete a number of tasks before bringing back their results. The most important of these was thinking of a way humanity could live with the planetary flaws. On some planets, we had to live underwater to avoid the heat and terrible smell. One planet was covered with very active volcanos, but this provided a reliable source of renewable energy and meant that whatever soil was safe to farm was also very fertile. However, not all the traits were bad ones. A few of our prospects for a new home had low gravity, which made building and moving around easier and also meant all our people would become taller. Some even had free Wi-fi inspiring the planet name Hawai-fi, though for the most part names followed the traditional route of adopting the names of Gods of the past with representative attributes.

Each group of intrepid explorers were encouraged to make a model of their prospective new planet where the creativity of the students shone through. Each model was entirely different from the others and though spherical planets reigned supreme the diversity in the different planets was thoroughly interesting, with a wide range of planet types, from ring shaped to made of cheese.

The project was a great success and our wonderful winners, Hawai-fi, winning a well-deserved pizza party!