d’Overbroeck’s Final Week of Lessons!

Here we are: our last week at Bucksmore! As a teacher, I was afraid that our lovely students won’t have much fuel left and we can rely on solar power only. But in fact fun lessons can activate all the hidden reserves of energy, so we, teachers, could meet our students at the crossroads and everyone got the best of our last week here at d’Overbroeck’s.

We started the week looking at negotiations – how to be more convincing, powerful and successful. I was positively surprised, how fun our students find the game we introduced. The game is called ”2 dollar game” and the participants may examine all the different strategies (from collaboration to compromise to ruthless competition) of splitting $2 in order to get as much as possible. This activity was followed by a real-life-like simulation of contract negotiations between one of the Premier League football clubs and a rich Asian sponsor.

The second session was focused on reviews and the students had freedom of choosing different forms (video, podcast, written review) and content (from their favourite books and films to our camp itself) for their reviews.

I personally enjoyed our third lesson of the week most: networking. The kids loved all the activities mocking real networking events – but they didn’t feel artificial at all: it’s always great to get to know each other (even) better!

We closed the week with something that in adult life is a natural follow-up to networking: job interviews. We role-played the recruitment process and the kids got extensive peer and teacher’s feedback. As a reward for their hard work in the lessons, they could play some educational games like taboo, kahoot or a mystery-detective style role-play.

In the meantime, our project counsellors were getting their classes ready for the final projects’ presentations. Each stream worked on topics of their choice directly related to their specialism. I really enjoy those presentations and see them as a celebration of the knowledge and skills the students have gained throughout the camp. I believe, that some of the ideas presented could actually be very successful. I just realised that I should have secretly recorded them: they really are potential money-makers! ; )